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The Diplomatic Congress

The Diplomatic Congress of Franklin & Marshall College was formed in order to create a more united student voice, strengthen communication and cohesion among various student organizations, and advocate on behalf of the entire student body.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this congress is to unite student organizations under one body to create a powerful student body voice. This should bring all members of the Franklin & Marshall College community to incorporate the interests of all students in an open environment. The goal of this body is to encourage communication and cohesion among subsidiaries while respecting their individuality and autonomy. This overaching organization is meant to serve as an advocacy body as well as a means to facilitate programming among pre-established organizations.


The General Assembly of the Diplomatic Congress is composed of:

  • The executive officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • First-Year, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Class Presidents
  • Bonchek, Brooks, Weis, Ware, and New College Houses
  • The Athletic Leadership Committee
  • Inter-Fraternity Council and Pan-Hellenic Council
  • The College Entertainment Committee
  • Club Council
  • The Food Committee
  • Public Safety Taskforce
  • Office of Student and Postgraduate Development Committee
  • Sustanibility Committee
  • Community Outreach Committee
  • Public Relations Committee