Franklin & Marshall College Franklin & Marshall College

Off-campus Referral List

Individual Counseling

Behavioral Health Care Associates, 717-581-5255
Heidi Baldacci, Ph.D.  (several therapists available)
1755 Oregon Pike, Lancaster

Rost & Associates, 717-392-8077
Cynthia Cox Ph.D. & Polly Rost Ph.D.
822 Marietta Avenue, Suite 24
(West End Medical Center), Lancaster

Gary Friedman Ph.D., 717-560-3525
2461 Lititz Pike, Lancaster PA

Ruth Kaufman Ph.D., 717-560-3525
2461 Lititz Pike, Lancaster PA

Kathleen Den Bleyker Psy.D., 717-560-3525
2461 Lititz Pike, Lancaster PA

Samaritan Counseling Center, 717-560-9969 

1803 Oregon Pike, Lancaster PA
See website:

Catholic Charities, 717-299-3659

925 N. Duke St., Lancaster PA

Pressley Ridge, 717-397-5241

630 Janet Ave, Lancaster PA

Moving You Through Change, 717-468-2843
Sharon Lauriello, LPC
259 N. 6th Street, Columbia, PA

Alexis Lake MSS LSW, 717-575-3757
100 Highlands Drive, Suite 301 C, Lititz PA
(specialty – transgender issues)

YWCA Sexual Assault Counseling, 717-393-1735 Ext 225
Orange and Lime Streets, Lancaster PA

Linnea Bailey Ph.D., 717-519-9986
255 Butler Avenue, Lancaster

Philhaven Behavioral Health Outpatient Services, 717-509-9845
812 N. Prince St., Lancaster PA

Anita Pilkerton-Plumb, MSW, LCSW, 717-850-8780
424 W. James St., Lancaster PA


Dr. Mary Davis, 717-392-7062

822 Marietta Avenue, Suite 31, Lancaster PA
(several therapists available)

Lancaster General Behavioral Health, 717-560-3782

802 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster PA

Substance Abuse Counseling

The Lancaster Freedom Center, 717-397-9118
436 North Lime Street, Lancaster PA

Rehab after Work/Rehab After School, 800-238-4357
Jack Sodak, MS, LPC, CAC
1725 Oregon Pike, Suite 205-B, Lancaster

Intensive Inpatient and Day Treatment Programs

Philhaven, 717-273-8871 or 800-932-0359
283 S. Butler Road, Mount Gretna PA

Lancaster Alcoholics Anonymous