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Leave of Absence for Health Reasons

In situations where a student’s psychological issues are overwhelming or creating significant disruption in his/her ability to function, the student may need to consider taking time off from the College to address their issues and pursue more intensive treatment. A Leave of Absence for Health Reasons can be taken at any time during the semester, or prior to the start of a semester, with the recommendation of Counseling Services or Health Services (or both offices). Leaves of Absence for Health Reasons are typically for one or two semesters and may be extended for additional semesters at the request of the student. Students considering this option are encouraged to meet with a member of the Counseling Services staff.

When a student is granted a Leave of Absence for Health Reasons during the course of a semester, the grade of “W” will normally be recorded for courses in which the student is enrolled that semester. If appropriate and if the instructor is agreeable, a “W” may be replaced by a regular grade upon completion of work.

Students who take a leave of absence for health reasons are encouraged to begin treatment with a licensed health care provider as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to sign the necessary release forms to allow their off-campus treatment provider to communicate with Counseling Services to discuss the reasons for the leave of absence and the documentation that will be necessary to return to the College.

When a student takes a Leave of Absence for Health Reasons, he/she is expected to leave campus housing as soon as possible and he/she is not permitted to be on campus without prior permission from Dean Todd DeKay, Associate Dean and Senior Prefect. International Students should be aware that a Leave of Absence for Health Reasons might have significant impact on their immigration status.

International students considering a Leave of Absence for Health Reasons are encouraged to discuss the implications with Counseling Services and the Assistant Dean for International Student & Scholar Services.

In order to return to the College, students need to provide documentation of the treatment they have received while on the Leave of Absence for Health Reasons and have an interview with Counseling Services and/or Health Services. Documentation of treatment should be sent to the Director of Counseling Services and/or the Director of Health Services and needs to be received prior to the student’s scheduled interview(s). Students are encouraged to share the “Guidelines for Documentation of Treatment During a Leave of Absence for Health Reasons” with off campus treatment providers when requesting this documentation. The student’s return to the College is based on the recommendation of the College’s Health Care Professionals.

  • Guidelines for Documentation
  • Guidelines for Documentation of Treatment during a Leave of Absence for Health Reasons

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