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Dance with Us at F&M!

Dance is the liberal arts foundation, a portal to every disciplinary perspective:

  • Dance opens doors to understanding ourselves physically, expressively, and culturally, as individuals and as part of collectivities.
  • Dance as an expression of history, culture, and action gives insights to the worlds of the social sciences.
  • Precision and eloquence in verbal articulation of dance leads us to and through the humanities.
  • Dance, a collaborative art of time and space, introduces us to other arts through sound, lighting, costumes, and sets.
  • Understanding our bodies as biological, kinesiological entities responsive to physical forces, brings us to natural science investigations.

The F&M Dance Curriculum integrates performance and theory. In technique, composition, and other studio-based courses, you will also read about, write on, and analyze dance. And, in dance theory, analysis, and history courses, you will move through your studies on the dance floor.

Dance at F&M is taught and guided by professionally active Dance Faculty trained at the highest levels, with Masters and Doctoral degrees. Faculty members work directly with you: class sizes are small, guaranteeing close attention to each student at every level, while opportunities for one-on-one study abound in choreographic advising, independent studies, internships, and research collaborations.

You will dance in our outstanding facilities at the Roschel Performing Arts Center: large, bright studios, and the superb Schnader Theatre stage, with a perfect view from any seat.


Welcome to the 2014-2015 Season!

Fall Dance Concert
Dec 4-6, 2014

Spring Dance and Choreography Showcase
Apr 17-18, 2015 

Event Info/Tickets:
Box Office

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. (during the academic year) and one hour prior to each ticketed event.

  • Fractal (2013 Spring Dance Concert)
  • Intermediate Ballet TDF 227 Fall '11