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Curriculum Overview

The dance major prepares dancers to move, create, analyze, write about and evaluate dance as an expression of the individual, of culture and of history. It features a balanced curriculum of performance-based and theory-based courses, while all courses address both studio and analytical components of topics covered.

A major in Dance consists of 11 credits as stipulated: eight dance courses demonstrating a balance between performance and theory work, four courses focusing on performance (technique and composition, listed under “Performance Focus” below) and four on history, theory and analysis, listed under “Analytical Focus”; TDF 320 (Kinesiology for Dance) and 331 (Dance History) must be among the analytical courses; the TDF capstone course, TDF 495 (Senior Seminar); an additional two TDF classes to be selected from other dance electives or entry-level acting, design, theatre studies, media studies, or other dance electives as approved by the department chairperson; and 40 hours of technical crew work. At least three courses must be taken at or above the 300-level. Students wishing to study off campus should consult with dance faculty and the Office of International Studies. Students seeking admission to graduate school in dance should consult with faculty advisers about additional courses to further prepare them for that direction. 40 hours of technical crew work is required for Dance Majors.

Students may develop a Joint Major in dance and another field in consultation with the head of the Dance Program. Templates for such a major are currently available for dance and biology, history, or psychology. Those students wishing to propose a Joint Major between dance and fields other than the three listed should meet with the heads of these programs (dance and the proposed field) to determine an appropriate program of study. 30 hours of technical crew work is required for Joint Majors.

A minor in Dance consists of six course credits in dance: three from the “Performance Focus” course list and three from the “Analytic Focus” course list, as approved by the department chairperson. 20 hours of technical crew work is required.