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Student Spotlights

Triana Brown '14

  • Triana Brown '14

Photo credit: Sandi Yanisko

Triana Brown '14 is pursuing a dance and biology joint major. Born and raised in Ithaca, New York, she started dancing at the age of four. Trained in disciplines of ballet, tap, jazz, acro and hip-hop, she participated in national competitions for eight years with the Ithaca Academy of Dance Competition Team. Being a member of the F&M Dance Company and participating in the Dance Program, has allowed her technique to continually grow while her creativity and confidence as a dancer has flourished. Triana is extremely grateful for the numerous opportunities the F&M dance community has brought her. With the aid and encouragement of the Dance Program, Triana was able to attend a 2013 Summer Dance Intensive with the Alambrado Danza studio in Florence, Italy. She found this once in a lifetime opportunuity quite enlightening. For the future, Triana aspires to continue her journey with dance. She plans to begin auditioning for dance companies this upcoming fall. 

Gwen LeBar '14

  • gwenlebar

Gwen LeBar '14 is following her love for dance at F&M by continuing to improve her technique, performing with F&M Dance Company and exploring the practice of improvisation through her membership in Just Say Yes, the improvisational dance company on campus. She is currently on the Executive Board for Dance Club and will serve as President beginning in January 2012. In the future, Gwen would like to continue performing, to teach dance, and to possibly become the artistic director of a dance studio. Although she loves every aspect of dance, her true passion is sharing her love of dance through teaching. 

Sarah Strong '14

  • Sarah Strong '14

Photo credit: Sandi Yanisko

Sarah Strong '14 is a joint major in dance and biology and plans to attend graduate school for physical therapy. Joining the F&M dance community has been an integral part of Sarah’s undergraduate experience. Exercising mental focus in improvisation company classes, taking creative risks through creating and performing movement, and learning effects of body alignment on a person’s health and wellness are a few of the many valuable experiences that are shaping her as a student and a dancer. It is so meaningful to her that she has the opportunity to continue her passion for dance and apply that passion to her academic studies. Sarah will be working on an independent study this Spring on injuries in dancers trained in specific dance techniques.  She is really looking forward to collaborating with other dance students and faculty on this research project!

Kat Sullivan ‘14

  • Kat Sullivan '14

Photo credit: John Herr

Kat Sullivan '14 is pursuing a joint major in studio art and dance, as well as a minor in anthropology. She hails from Brielle, New Jersey, where she primarily studied ballet before coming to F&M. The dance department has expanded her horizons in ways that she never imagined possible but is incredibly grateful for. The diversity of the program has allowed Kat to have a wide range of experiences, including a reconstruction of Martha Graham's Celebration, a performance in the Gala at ACDF 2012, and a Hackman Scholarship with one of the F&M dance professors, Pamela Vail. In addition to exploring the realm of modern dance, she has become enthralled with improvisational movement. Kat is in charge of the compositional improvisation group on campus, Just Say Yes, and plans on investigating the form in two independent studies during her upcoming senior year.

Anna Yanisko ‘14

  • annayanisko

Photo credit: Kat Sullivan '14

Anna Yanisko '14 is from Barto, Pennsylvania and is a dance minor and public health major. Dance has been a part of her life since she was four years old, basically ever since she can remember. Her love has always been ballet and pointe but she also has experience in jazz, tap, modern, and hip-hop. She is a member of the F&M Dance Company, which – together with her dance courses – has furthered her passion for dance and broadened her experience.  F&M dance has taught Anna not only new ways to move but also how to view and think about dance.  She enjoys focusing on working with her body to use it to its full potential. As far as the future goes, Anna cannot imagine it without dance.

Nicole Zee '14

  • Nicole Zee '13

Photo credit: Sandi Yanisko

Nicole Zee '14 is a dance and English double major. She is a member of the F&M Dance Company and improvisational group Just Say Yes, which have provided her with a variety of wonderful experiences and furthered her love of dance. Although primarily a modern dancer, F&M has given her to opportunity to explore different genres through precepting the Intro to Ballet course and dancing in a flamenco piece for the Fall Dance Concert. She greatly appreciates how the F&M dance program has opened her eyes to new ways of looking at and thinking about dance and performance, which she will continue to explore through an independent research project in the fall.

Hannah Weissler '15

  • Hannah Weissler '15

Hannah Weissler ’15 is a double dance and anthropology major from Chicago, IL.  At F&M she is an executive board member of F&M’s Dance Company, helps choreograph for the F&M Players, and is a member of Just Say Yes, the improvisational dance group on campus. Through F&M’s Dance Program, Hannah has been challenged to find connections to dance from many different academic disciplines, allowing her dance technique to become more informed, something she greatly appreciates. Moreover, F&M’s dance community has been a great resource for Hannah, providing friendship and support both inside the dance studios and out. 

Emily Turitzin '15

  • Emily Turitzin '15

Photo credit: Sandi Yanisko

Emily Turitzin '15 is a dance minor with a major in American studies. In high school she studied many different dance styles and also competed with a dance company. Coming to college she was looking for a strong dance program with a close knit community of students, and faculty offering a wide range of dance techniques. Her expectations were met at F&M, and then some. She's taken technique classes and performed in many pieces here at F&M, including a Pearl Primus African dance reconstruction. Her two favorite parts of the Dance Program are the professors and the Spring Dance Concert, which gives students an opportunity to choreograph. She also loved the opportunity to be able to take a dance history class.

Recent graduates: when they were students

Lila Ziegler ‘13

  • lilaziegler

Lila Ziegler ‘13 hopes to combine her interests in dance and anthropology to do field studies of indigenous dance all over the world, exploring a variety of cultures through their dance traditions. Currently, she is specifically intrigued by the historical developments of dance as affected by the societies in which they have evolved. Lila ultimately plans to apply for grants to allow her to conduct research toward preservation of age-old dance rituals that are threatened with disappearence. 

Anna Dean '12

  • annadean

Anna Dean '12 is a dance and psychology joint major with a minor in comparative literary studies. She enjoys finding the numerous links between her wide-ranging areas of studies, and firmly believes that every connection made has enhanced her abilities as a student and as a dancer. She has spent countless hours in the dance studios as a member of the F&M Dance Company, a member of Just Say Yes (F&M's improvisational dance company), and a student in classes. She has focused most of her time at F&M on modern dance and compositional improvisation. Currently, she is very interested in the connections and differences between improvisation and choreography, and discovering how to reconcile them as she practices both processes. Her post-college plans include traveling and working abroad and, of course, dancing!

Caileigh Dougherty ‘12

  • caileighdougherty jpb

Caileigh Dougherty ‘12 is a dance minor. She trained Irish dance for eighteen years, and also has experience with ballet and Flamenco dancing. Looking forward to a career in orthopedics, she is particularly interested in the dancer's body. This semester she has worked on an independent study project on injuries in Irish dancers, investigating the causes and possible preventions and treatments of the most commonly experienced injuries. 

Emily Grossner '12

  • emilygrossner

Emily Grossner '12 is a psychology major and dance minor. She is interested in modern dance and improvisation and currently leads Just Say Yes, the improvisational dance company on campus. Throughout all of her semesters at F&M the F&M Dance Company has been a major part of her life. Her future plans include applying to graduate programs in clinical neuropsychology and, of course, dancing as much as she can. 

Ali Strohm '12

  • alistrohm

Ali Strohm '12 is a studio art major and dance minor. She's interested in investigating how performance affects choreography. She has explored this in numerous works for the F&M Spring Dance Concert and will continue this research in her upcoming senior independent project, "Haven." When she's not working on choreography, she enjoys improvising with Just Say Yes and performing with the F&M Dance Company. Next year she will join the Teach for America Corps in Las Vegas and she also plans to continue dancing.

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Emily Herchenroether '10

Double major: dance and government

"The F&M dance program has a great balance between theory and performance. The program has pushed me to expand my physical range and performance skills and has taught me to appreciate the history of dance and its relationship with society. In addition, there is strong focus on the individual and personal creative process, which has helped me to mature as a performer, choreographer, and critical viewer of dance."