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Paul A. Mueller, Jr. Summer Award

This award (up to $3,000) enables rising juniors to pursue worthy projects that provide important opportunities for personal growth; to develop independence, creativity and leadership skills; and to broaden or deepen some area of special interest.  The award is intended to allow students the freedom to pursue areas of personal interest that they might otherwise be unable or unlikely to explore further.

Purpose: To give students an opportunity at a crucial time, the end of their sophomore year, to review their own talents and possibly find a direction different from that which brought them to Franklin & Marshall College in the first place.  The purpose is neither to provide a free ticket for a short foreign experience nor to award grants to students with the highest GPAs.

Aim: To support students whose interests transcend ordinary academic categories.

Selection: To choose students less for their past achievements and more for the potential for their having a transformative experience.

Note:  While this award will support project travel costs when applicable, travel is not a requirement of the award.