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International Club

The International Club has the sole purpose to further the friendly exchange of ideas between the foreign student community and its fellow American students, principally through various social and educational activities. For the purpose of the club, an International student is one who is actively interested in exemplifying and promoting international cultural education and diversity, (Constitution of the International Club (2006), Article 1, Section 2: General Purpose). The International Club seeks to facilitate International student life as well as to demonstrate the cultural diversity of the F&M student body. Through various club activities, members are given opportunities for socialization to help ease their transition to college and to simultaneously contribute to the college community by sharing various experiences and different cultural backgrounds, thereby promoting diversity and fostering a greater sense of internationalism within F&M College. The Executive Board and active members of the International Club are involved in helping First-Year Students move into the various College Houses, running A Closer Look and College Connections, and most importantly participating in the planning/itemization of events (our favorite is cooking food during Cultural Corners). Other events include Karaoke Night, Open-Mic, Movie Night, and International House Games and gathering with soft-beverages honoring the spirit of open-mindedness and challenge by choice during College Connections. The club wishes to coordinate events with other clubs such as the French, Asian Cultural Societies, German, and Film Club. Look out for email invitations to play soccer on Hartman Green, shoot some pool in Ben's Underground, interact with Study Abroad Guests, Diversity Week, join Jackie Haring and chat with friends during coffee hour. Share your talent at open-mic and OMCA events. The club will discuss promising and critical ideas, such as book swapping/sales at half the original price for used books at the end of each semester, open to the entire college community. If great ideas cross your mind, contact us. We hope you get yourself involved as a creative and committed member of the International Club.