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African Dance Troupe

The African Dance Troupe is an organization that has existed on the Franklin and Marshall College campus for the past decade. Throughout its existence, the club has enriched the F&M community with its vibrant use of music and culture from West Africa. Year after year, the troupe has continually brought the traditions and customs of West Africa through dance and folklore to the college's culture. As stated in our African Dance Troupe's Constitution, we are dedicated to learning, sharing, promoting, and preserving African heritage. Our constant goal to enhance and promote growth from the success and misfortunes we have experienced. We not only perform with members of the college but also incorporate the Lancaster community in collaboration with Brightside Opportunities Center. We performed with young girls ranging from the ages seven to nine marking the kickoff of Sustainability Week 2008. Our mission for the girls from Brightside Opportunities Center was to teach young women how to embody self-confidence and to express themselves through the experience of dance.