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Emergency Medical Services

Franklin & Marshall Emergency Medical Service is a truck- and bicycle-equipped Quick Response Service (QRS) licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. We provide both emergency responses and a variety of non-emergency services to members of the Franklin & Marshall and Lancaster City communities. We are always looking for motivated individuals who are interested in becoming (or are already certified as) EMTs to become part of our organization and provide this vital service to our friends and community. We pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality service in everything we do. Whether we are on call responding to emergencies, teaching CPR, checking AEDs, or maintaining our equipment, we have one goal in mind: making our campus a safer place. In everything we do, we demand the highest level of professionalism and quality from our team. Being an EMT with F&M EMS is a great opportunity, especially for students who plan to pursue careers in healthcare. While it is a common misconception that college EMTs do not respond to actual emergencies, we actually receive a diverse array of emergency calls, ranging from assaults and psychiatric issues to possible strokes and asthma, and everything in between. The experience gained from dealing with such emergencies gives individuals not only valuable life-saving skills, but also the confidence and experience to effectively comprehend and communicate complex medical concepts. In addition to the invaluable patient-care experience that being an EMT provides, F&M EMS offers a great place to become involved in a leadership role. Our members have the opportunitiy to lead a serious professional organization while still in college. Email us at!