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Appeal and Grievance

Appeal of Accommodations under the Rehibilitation Act or Americans with Disabilities Act

  1. A student who wishes to appeal an accomodation because the accommodation is felt to be inadequate or inappropriate should contact Disability Services within 90 days of receiving the accommodation to discuss his or her concerns.
  2. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be obtained in discussion with Disability Services then an appeal should be made, in writing, to the Dean of the College within 15 days of failing to achieve a resolution through Disability Services.
  3. The Dean of the College will review all pertinent information and make a final determination of a reasonable accommodation for the student within 30 working days.
  4. The appeal of an accommodation that involves the waiver of an academic requirement must be presented to the Committee on Academic Status in consultation with Disability Services.
  5. Complaints under the Rehabilitation Act or Americans with Disabilities Act

     a. A student should file a written complaint with the Dean of the College within 90 days of the alleged violation.                                                                b. The Dean of the College may conduct an investigation, as is appropriate, to resolve the alleged violation.
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