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Animal Owner Responsibilites

Owner’s Responsibilities in College Housing and on Campus

1. The Owner is responsible for assuring that the Approved Animal does not unduly interfere with the routine activities of the residence or cause difficulties for students who reside there.

2. The Owner is financially responsible for the actions of the Approved Animal including bodily injury or property damage. The owner’s responsibility covers but is not limited to replacement of furniture, carpet, window, wall covering, and the like. The owner is expected to cover these costs at the time of repair and/or move-out.

3. The Owner is responsible for any expenses incurred for cleaning above and beyond a standard cleaning or for repairs to College premises that are assessed after the student and animal vacate the residence. The College shall have the right to bill the Student account of the owner for unmet obligations.

4. The Owner must notify Disability Services in writing if the Approved Animal is no longer needed as an Approved Animal or is no longer in residence. To replace an Approved Animal the owner must file a new Request for Reasonable Accommodation.

5. The Owner's residence may be inspected for fleas, ticks or other pests once a semester or as needed. If fleas, ticks or other pests are detected through inspection, the residence will be treated using approved fumigation methods by a college-approved pest control service. The owner will be billed for the expense of any pest treatment above and beyond standard pest management in the college housing.

6. All roommates or suitemates of the owner must sign an agreement allowing the Approved Animal to be in residence with them. In the event that one or more roommates or suitemates do not approve, either the owner and animal or the non-approving roommates or suitemates, as determined by the Disability Services, may be moved to a different location.

7. Service Animals may travel freely with their owner throughout College Housing (and other areas of the College).Assistance Animals must be contained within the privately assigned residential area (room, suite, apartment) at all times, except when transported outside the private residential area in an animal carrier or controlled by leash or harness. When outside the residence, the owner of an Assistance Animal shall carry proof that the animal is an Approved Animal.

8. Approved Animals may not be left overnight in College Housing to be cared for by another student. Animals must be taken with the student if they leave campus for a prolonged period.

9. Housing has the ability to relocate owner and Approved Animal as necessary according to current contractual agreements.

10. The Owner agrees to continue to abide by all other residential policies. Reasonable accommodation which may constitute an exception to a policy that otherwise would prohibit having an animal does not constitute an exception to any other policy.

11. Any violation of the above rules may result in immediate removal of the animal from the College and may be reviewed through the College’s Judicial Process and the Owner will be afforded all rights of due process and appeal as outlined in that process.

12. Should the Approved Animal be removed from the premises for any reason, the owner is expected to fulfill his/her housing obligations for the remainder of the housing contract.

13. The Owner undertakes to comply with animal health and wellbeing requirements as set forth in this policy.