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Assistance Animals

Assistance Animals

Assistance Animals may not be brought into College housing without expressed approval of College officials.

Procedures to have Assistance Animals in College Housing

  1. Students with disabilities desiring to use an assistance animal in college housing must formally register with the Office of Disability Services and request the use of an assistance animal as an accommodation.
  2. Upon receipt of a request for the use of an Assistance Animal, the coordinator of Disability Services will schedule an appointment to meet with the student requesting the accommodation.
  3. Students requesting this accommodation are required to present the necessary documentation tothe coordinator of Disability Services during the meeting. Documentation of the need for an Assistance Animal should follow Disability Services guidelines for documentation of disability, and should include the following information:
  1. Verification of the individual’s disability from a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or other mental health professionals (please refer to disability documentation guidelines).
  2. Statement on how the animal serves as an accommodation for the verified disability.
  3. Statement on how the need for the animal relates to the ability of the resident/student to use and enjoy the living arrangements provided by the college on an equal basis with students who do not have disabilities.
  4. Current documentation of items requested in a., b., and c. (dated within the last 6 months).
  1. Students, whose request for an Assistance Animal through this process is not granted, will have the opportunity to appeal such decisions with the Dean of the College by following the appeal / grievance procedures outlined on the F & M Disability Services website:
  2. Upon approval of an Assistance Animal, the student’s roommate(s) or suitemate(s) will be notified (if applicable) to solicit their acknowledgement of the approval, and notify them that the approved animal will be residing in shared assigned living space.

No service or assistance animal is permitted to reside in student housing without advanced written approval from the College.