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Hawaii, Spring break, 2013.  It was amazing!

We go to exciting places to learn about our fascinating Earth.

Come join us for this adventure!  

Three majors: Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geosciences

Thinking of studying the Earth?
What distinguishes our program from others?

See  ENE facebook page for information about current job openings.

See the Environmental Protection Agency and American Geological Institute web sites for career information, watch the AGI YouTube video, and read AGI's report about geosciences and critical needs of the 21st century. Read an article from Science, or listen to the podcast, about the excellent job market for geoscientists. The National Academy of Sciences also has a report on urgent needs for geoscientsts in the energy and mineral resource fields.  Hear about the geosciences employment boom for graduates in this National Public Radio story. Or think about interdisciplinary careers at the interface between science and public policy.

We enjoy meeting with interested students. Tour our department, sit in on a class, meet faculty and students! Contact Us.

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Students and faculty attend the National Conference on Science Policy and the Environment in Washington, D.C.

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Students gather at Badwater, the lowest elevation (-282 ft.) in the western hemisphere during the Department field trip to Death Valley.

  • Breaking the Ice
  • F&M students, faculty, and alumni collaborate to study the Ice Age climate of southeastern Pennsylvania.