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About The Society

About the Founders Society
The idea of the Society originated with Dave Lehman, '68 and Paul Gucwa, '69. They recognized that F&M Geosciences alumni are some of the most productive and influential members of the scientific community. However, they also recognized that there was no unifying mechanism keeping the alumni of the Geosciences Department together. Dave and Paul developed the concept for the Founders Society. Modeled loosely on an alumni association at the University of Texas at Austin, Dave and Paul, in conjunction with Carol deWet (Franklin and Marshall, Earth and Environment) evaluated interest among F&M Geosciences alumni, and then set up an inaugural meeting. This meeting was held at the Department during alumni weekend on October 19, 2002. At the meeting, a framework for the Society and by-laws were proposed. interim officers were elected for a one-year term to work on the membership and development of the Society.

A second meeting of the Founders Society was held in Spring 2003 to discuss the progress to date. Over 65 members has joined the Society by this time, with many others expressing a strong interest in the Society. Since that time, the Society has developed this website, sponsored the Wise-Beutner Award, and set up a contact board in the Earth and Environment Department where jobs, internships and other opportunities can be posted for students. Significant progress has been made in establishing a membership network that will help the Society to grow.