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ICP Laboratory

F&M students and faculty use on our Spectro Blue inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectrometer to perform elemental analysis for course and research projects. Students enrolled in Earth, Environment and Humanity, Geo 114, use the ICP lab to study the problem of lead and other heavy metal contamination in older urban drinking water systems. Students in Sedimentlogy and Stratigraphy, Geo 324, use ICP to study trace elements in calcite cements to better understand depositional and burial conditions. Students in Landscape Geochemistry, Geo 350,and students in Chemical Analysis, Chem 221, analyze a variety of materials.

Examples of student research projects that used ICP include:
Diagenetic Alterations in Carbonate Glacial Lake Sediments; Hardin, County, Ohio
FLORA, NATALIE A Comparative Study of the Preparation of Apatite Derivatives
FEDORS, NATHAN The Synthesis of Transition Metal Apatites
DARTER, JESSICA Modern Sedimentation of a Proglacial, Ice-contact Lake, Mendenhall Lake, Juneau, Alaska
BRUNO, CAROLINE R. Cement Stratigraphy within the Ledger Formation (Middle Cambrian), York County, Pennsylvania
MURPHY, MEGAN Grainstone Beds within Cambrian Shelf Margin Microbialites, the Ledger Formation, York County, Pennsylvania

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