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Online maps are valuable tools to foster a better understanding of our environment. Digital maps help us organize spatial information in new productive ways.

Geodata map viewer uses ArcExplorer to make and print unique maps of anywhere in the US. The web site allows you to select what coverages you want to combine in your map. Coverages from satellite data, topographic relief, watershed, roads, political boundaries, etc. can be combined to make maps that tell unique stories. To make a map of a particular area curser over that area on the national map. This site offers an opportunity to see how geographical information systems can combine varied data into a single geospatial map.

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) maintains an online map gallery of the Susquehanna watershed and subbasins. (Lancaster Co. is in the Lower Susquehanna subbasin.) The gallery includes maps of natural features such as soils, watersheds, precipitation, physiography etc. and maps of human features such as population centers, political subdivisions, congressional districts, etc.

The PA Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey offers a variety of online maps and map lesson plans.

An online atlas of geologic maps of Pennsylvania offers the opportunity to learn what is the bedrock in almost any area of the state.

A Web Soil Survey Map gives information about the type of soil in a given area in the U.S.

Other Pennsylvania Maps

Water Powered Grist Mills of Lancaster County
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