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Lancaster County Environmental Resources

Promoting A Better Understanding Of Our Environment

The site is made available as a service to the public and to support environmental research and projects at the high school and college level.

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  • Water >>
  • Finding adequate potable water supplies for a rapidly growing human population and economically important farm animal population is a major challenge facing the County.

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  • Satellite Images >>
  • Satellite images are tools that help us understand the nature of our physical environment and our impact on the environment.

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  • Air and Climate >>
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) reports levels of five major air pollutants: ozone, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

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  • Maps >>
  • Online maps are valuable tools to foster a better understanding of our environment. Digital maps help us organize spatial information in new productive ways.

  • Millport Conservancy
  • Millport Conservancy >>
  • The Millport Conservancy is a 100 acre wildlife refuge that includes a nature trail, the 19th century water powered Millport Roller grain mill, auxiliary buildings and farmland.