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Paleontology Facilities

Morphosis Imaging System. This imaging system is designed to transfer digitized video images to a computer for spatial analysis. This system is used in paleontological studies, particularly in GEO 433.

Fossil Collections
Additional resources for teaching and research in paleontology include fairly extensive collections of fossils in Room P-131, where they are most readily accessible to students and instructors. More specialized research collections are maintained in the rock room, in the basement. Four new stereoscopic microscopes were purchased this year, as most of those routinely used in the laboratory were no longer very satisfactory.

Fruitville Quarry
The College also owns the Fruitville Quarry, a modest excavation that was one of C. D. Walcott's original fossil localities in the Lower Cambrian. Substantially overgrown, the quarry is regularly visited by students in GEO 121, to whom it still yields small numbers of characteristic fossils.

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