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Student Classroom Projects

Many Earth and Environment courses include research projects as part of the course.

Students in Environmental Resources and Geographic Information Systems present case studies of land use and environmental changes over time as part of their course work.

Historical Landscape Change of a Quadrant in Lancaster County  by Liz Albright

Historical landscape change is important when evaluating the effects landscape plays on an ecosystem. Geology, land use, slope and streams are all intertwined.

Developmental Changes: An Increase in Sediment Loading by Alec Tunner

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is home to an urban and agricultural landscape. It is marked by large expanses of farmland and growing urban centers. The location of my study was west  Manhiem Township. It is a small urban area that has seen a lot of growth in the past fifty years. The site exists on the boundary between the urban town and the rural farmland and thus has been impacted by the encroachment of the town. Most notably, is the change in stream hydrology from 1957 to 1971. 

A GIS Study in Lancaster, PA of Manheim Township Elementary (Neff) & High School by Partick Stehn

Lancaster, PA is known for its fertile soils. Throughout history this has been exhibited through the popularity of agricultural practices in the area. This study was conducted in a section of Manheim Township, and analyzed the development of Neff Elementary School and Manheim Township High School from 1940 – 2008 via historic aerial photography (1940, 1958, 1971) and a relatively recent (2008) orthorectified image.




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