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Student Research Projects

Independent study is integral to the learning experience. Copies are on file in the department.

  • Callie Maron '14
    Advisor: Rob Sternberg
    A detailed magnetic study at the Schaefferstown, PA, historical site:  In search of a brick kiln

  • Ryan Samuels '14
    Advisor: Andy de Wet
    Channel and tube flow features associated with the Twin Craters Flow, Zuni-Bandera Volcanic Field, 
  • Steve Clipman '13
    Advisor: Candace Grand Pre
    The social and environmental implications of tourism: A comprehensive study on sustainable growth in the Galapagos Islands

  • Julia Fiala '13
    Advisor: Candace Grand Pre
    Tracing the history of sea-­level science: A comparative study of the scientific, political, and historical perspectives on sea-­level studies of the United Kingdom and the United States [honors]  

  • Amalia Handler '13
    Advisor: Sarah Dawson
    Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) explotation of anthropogenic food sources along an urbanization gradient using stable isotope analysis [honors] 

  • Devin Hunter '13
    Adviser: Andy de Wet
    Olympica Fossae - Mars
  • Theresa O'Reilly '13
    Advisor: Carol de Wet
    Sedimentary and Geochemical Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
  • Mollie Reynolds '13
    Advisor: Chris Williams  
    Climate, plant and insect interactions in an ancient Alaskan rainforest [honors]
  • Chelsey Talhelm '13
    Adviser: Andy de Wet
    Mapping and Assessment of the Wetland Restoration at Spalding Conservancy
  • Nora Theodore '13
    Advisor: Janet Fischer (Biology)
    Zooplankton diel vertical migraton in the Canadian Rocky  Mountains: A test of the transparency regulator hypothesis [honors]
  • Aakash Ahamed
    Advisor: Candace Grand Pré 
    Gravel transport in a floodplain wetland restoration experiment [honors]
  • Elizabeth Albright ‘12
    Advisor: Dan Ardia (Biology)
    Effects of microclimate on feeder preference of Poecile carolinensis in a forest fragment [honors]
  • Ishmael Buckner ‘12
    Advisor: Jim Strick
    There is more to healing than an M.D.: An historical and qualitative guide to careers in healing
  • Kaitlyn DelDuca ‘12
    Advisor: Dan Ardia (Biology)
    Impact of competition on intraspecific interactions of Carolina chickadees during winter
  • Amalia Handler ‘13
    Advisor: Rich Pepino
    Environmental factors contributing to elevated blood lead levels in Berks County and in particular the city of Reading, PA
  • Jameson Jolles ‘12
    Advisor: Stan Mertzman
    Contact and hydrothermal metamorphism at Silver Hill Quarry, eastern Lancaster County
  • Conor Neal ‘12
    Advisor: Roger Thomas
    Quantifying the role of bioeroding microrganisms affecting the condition of coral reefs in marine protected Areas on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Peter Rippberger ‘12
    Advisor: Stephanie Shepherd
    Watershed analysis using ArcGIS
  • Julia Signorella ‘12
    Advisor: Andy de Wet
    Volcanic or fluvial channels on Ascreaus Mons: Focus on the source area of sinuous channels on the southeast rift apron
  • Eliot Symanski ‘12
    Advisor: Sarah Dawson
    Student opinions of sustainability at Franklin & Marshall College
  • Ari Whiteman ‘13
    Advisor: Sarah Dawson
    Flight distance and urban comfort in red-tailed hawks in Lancaster, PA
  • F. Christian Zinkhan ‘12
    Advisor: Tim Sipe (Biology)
    Alternate annual growth expressions for tree species’ sensitivity to climate over a 50-year interval in west central Indiana
  • Aakash Ahamed '12
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts  
    Gravel transport and critical shear stresses at Big Spring Run, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Steven Becker '11
    Advisor: Bob Walter
  • Katherine Datin ‘11
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts
    The geochemistry and geomorphology of sedimentary iron and aluminum deposits at South Mountain, Pennsylvania (department honors)
  • Jennifer Everhart ‘11
    Advisor: Janet Fisher
    Factors affecting the vertical distribution of daphnia middendorffiana in alpine lake (department honors)
  • Shane Gray '11
    Advisor: Zeshan Ismat
    Deciphering the deformational history of the Juniata Culmination, Appalachian Mountains, Pennsylvania
  • Ian Hagmann ‘11
    Advisor: Stan Mertzman
    Investigation of Diabase Dikes and Sills in Lancaster, Berks, and Chester Counties, Southeastern Pennsylvania Using Petrography and Whole Rock Geochemistry (department honors)
  • Amelia Jordan '11
    Advisor: Bob Walter
  • Tyler Kerr ‘11
    Advisor: Roger Thomas
    From Pakicetus to Porpoises: Patterns of Change in Complexity in the Evolution of Whale Teeth (department honors)
  • Laura Kratz '11
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts
    Unraveling the Geomorphic Evolution of Valley Bottom Deposits in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Patrick Maloney ‘11
    Advisor: Stan Mertzman
    Evolution of the Precambrian Rocks of Yellowstone National Park: Mafic to Intermediate Plutons (department honors)
  • Ali Neugebauer ‘11
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts  
    Paleoecological Reconstruction of Big Spring Run, Lancaster, PA (department honors)
  • Perry Oddo '11
    Advisor: Chris Williams
    Geochemical Evidence of Anthropogenic Impacts on Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier National Park, MT
  • Erik J. Olsen '11
    Advisor: Bob Walter
    The Science and Policy of Stream and Wetland Restoration in Lancaster and York County, PA
  • Kristin Taddei ‘11
    Advisor: Andy de Wet
    The Paleosedimentary Environment and Paleoclimatic Conditions Revealed by Stratigraphy in Holocene Bog and Terrace Sediments, Northern Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia (department honors)
  • Emily Wilson ‘11
    Advisor: Stan Mertzman
    Petrographic and Geochemical Analysis of a Mesozoic Diabase Sill in Berks County, Pennsylvania (department honors)
  • Bradley Boileau ‘10
    Advisor: Suzanna Richter
    Nitrogen inputs from dairy farms to streams in Lancaster County, PA
  • Franklin Dekker ‘10
    Advisor: Chris Williams
    Linné Glacier meteorological study of surface ablation during the 2006-2008 ablation seasons, Svalbard
  • Alexander DiIonno ‘10
    Advisors: Dorothy Merritts & Bob Walter
    Viability of late Holocene wetland seeds buried beneath legacy sediment from Big Spring Run, Lancaster, PA
  • Chris Fullinwider ‘10
    Advisor:  Bob Walter
    Soluble phosphorous in stream bank sediments from Big Spring Run
  • Yuan Gao ‘12
    Advisor:  Rich Pepino
    Comparison of long-term energy strategies of the U.S. and China
  • Shawn Jenkins ‘10
    Advisor:  Jim Strick
    The development of Franklin and Marshall College’s environmental consciousness
  • Victoria Lawrence ‘10
    Advisor:  Rich Pepino
    Integrating teaching models on lead and asthma risks into school curriculum
  • Mary Liang ‘10
    Advisor:  Dorothy Merritts
    Water geochemistry of tufa-depositing springs in the Driftless Area, Wisconsin
  • Erik J. Olsen ‘11
    Advisor:  Bob Walter
    The science and policy of stream restoration
  • Tyler Plante ‘10
    Advisor:  Keely Maxwell
    Reconnecting farm, food, and community: experiencing community-based agriculture from farm to fork

  • Jacqueline Reed ‘10
    Advisor:  Suzanna Richter
    Monthly resolution comparison of climate data, rainfall d18O & wood cellulose d18O, Chicago, IL
  • Andrea Shilling ’10
    Advisor:  Dorothy Merritts
    Rates and processes of stream bank erosion and Its contribution to suspended sediment load, Big Spring Run, Pennsylvania [honors]
  • Kathan Teepe ‘10
    Advisor:  Keely Maxwell
    The Alley Garden: a small scale, urban community garden as a case study for a potential alternative agricultural system [honors]
  • Yupu Zhao ’10
    Advisor:   Bob Walter
    Dissolved nitrate in stream bank sediments and Its effect on surface water quality [honors]
  • Krystin Alex
    Advisor: Rich Pepino
    STS 490 - The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement - Progress, Problems and recommendations
  • Erin Bradley
    Advisor: Zeshan Ismat
    GEO 490 - Porosity and permeability potential within transverse zones: An example from the Leamington transverse zone, central Utah
  • Liz Cole
    Advisor: Zeshan Ismat
    GEO 490 (with department honors) - Geomorphological contrasts between rockslides and normal faults: Implications for tectonic stability
  • Elizabeth Cranmer
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts
    GEO 490 (with departmental honors) - Stratigraphic reconstruction of Holocene paleogeography and paleoclimate, Little Falls, MD
  • John Paul Dicks
    Advisor: Rich Pepino
    ENV 490 - Impacts of mountaintop mining (MTM) on community development in WV
  • Kathryn Decoursey Downes
    Advisor: Rich Pepino
    SPC 490 - US healthcare ideology and its impact on child healthcare policy and public health Outcomes
  • Chris Fullinwider
    Advisor: Bob Walter
    GEO 390 - Geochemistry of upland soils and valley bottom sediments at Big  Spring Run, West Lamperter Township, Lancaster County, PA: Implications for sources of suspended sediment and dissolved nutrients
  • Megan Hays
    Advisor: Carol de Wet
    GEO 490 - Collaborating with the community: Franklin & Marshall College and the School District of Lancaster Science Teaching Internship Program
  • Justin Herbert
    Advisor: Zeshan Ismat
    GEO 490 (with department honors) - Unraveling the formation of the Juniata Culmination, Valley and Ridge Province, Appalachian Mountains, PA: Implications for fold-thrust development
  • Brian Hughes
    Advisor: Bob Walter
    GEO 490 - Land use history and suspended sediment sources in the upper White Clay Creek Watershed, Chester County, PA
  • Matt Jenschke
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts
    GEO 490 - Geomorphic response of Mountain Creek, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, to paper-mill dam removal in 1985
  • Corinne Mary McCarthy
    Advisor: Rich Pepino
    SPC 490 - Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PCPs) in the drinking water supply and local surface water tributaries (case study of Lancaster County, PA)
  • Lauren Seldomridge
    Advisor: Ted Melillo
    ENV 490 - Engendering nature: Women and environmental movements in the developing world
  • Elyse Sims, Environmental Science
    Advisor: Dan Ardia, Biology
    BIO 490 - Effects of microclimate on habitat use of deer at Millport Conservancy
  • Doug Smith
    Advisor: Bob Walter
    ENV 490 - Pre-restoration monitoring, water quality issues, and denitrification processes at Big Spring Run, Lancaster County, PA  
  • Stacey Sosenko
    Advisor: Rob Sternberg
    GEO 490 - Magnetometry in the Podere Funghi at the Etruscan archaeological site of Poggio Colla, Italy
  • Kevin Toeneboehn
    Advisor: Zeshan Ismat
    GEO 490 - The role of transverse zones in fold-thrust belt development: A comparative analysis between analog modeling and field data
  • Kyle Trostle
    Advisor: Chris Williams
    GEO 490 (with department honors) - The geochemistry and mineralogy of fossil wood from the Chickaloon Formation in Sutton Alaska
  • Holly M. Warden.
    Advisor: Roger Thomas
    STS 490 - James Hutton and Gottfried Leibniz: An inquiry on influence
  • Allison Winter
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts
    ENV 490 - The history and development of watermills: A comparative analysis of 11th century Ponthieu, France and the 18th century Brandywine Valley, Delaware 
  • Monica Arienzo
    Advisor: Carol de Wet
    GEO490 - Carbonates present & past: The temporal and spatial distribution of corals, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands; and dedolomitization of the Cambrian Ledger and Kinzers Formations, York County, Pennsylvania
  • Bob Bell
    Advisor: Zeshan Ismat
    ENV490 - Meso- and micro-scale structure preserved in the Pequea Silver Mine
  • Colette Buchanan
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts
    GEO490 - Two centuries of stream channel evolution in response to dam building and breaching, Conoy Creek, Elizabethtown, PA
  • Alaina DeGeorgio
    Advisor: Zeshan Ismat
    GEO490 - Fracture Patterns in the Conococheague Limestone: What can they tell us about the Appalachian Mountains?
  • Chris Scheid
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts
    ENV490 - Historical descriptions of buried floodplains and their implications regarding natural stream channel design in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont
  • Sarah Seiff
    Advisor: Chris Williams
    GEO490 - Paleoecology and peat accumulation at Labrador Hollow Bog, Onondaga, NY
  • Maggie Selzer
    Advisor: Roger Thomas
    GEO490 - Physical and ecological evolution of Puerto Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico: A study of molluscan faunas
  • Andy Sparks
    Advisor: Rob Sternberg
    GEO490 - Magnetic surveys and susceptibility measurements over burning and remediated coal seams in Mackenzie County, North Dakota
  • Zach Stein
    Advisor: Bob Walter
    GEO490 - Using trace elements to fingerprint sources of suspended sediments in streams: A case study from the Big Spring Run Watershed, Lancaster County, PA
  • Susan Taylor
    Advisor: Keely Maxwell
    ENV490 - How student values drive responses to NGO marketing of conservation problems
  • Michele Trumble
    Advisor: Andy de Wet
    GEO490 - Assessing geomorphologic characteristics of channel networks on the Tharsis Montes, Mars
  • Mark Voli
    Advisor: Dorothy Merritts
    ENV490 - Macrofossil study of a pre-settlement hydric (wetland) soil in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont region of Pennsylvania and Maryland
  • Julie Weitzman
    Advisor: Bob Walter
    ENV490 - Nutrient and trace element contents of legacy sediment from Big Spring Run and implications for the Chesapeake Bay
  • Nate Pritchard
    Advisor: Andy de Wet
    ENV490 - Structural and lithological controls on a crystalline island aquifer, Vinalhaven Island, Maine
  • Maggie Selzer
    Advisor: Zeshan Ismat
    GEO490 - Meso-and micro-scale deformation mechanisms preserved within the Piedmont province, Appalachian Mountains
  • Stephanie Strouse
    Advisor: Chris Williams - Sustainability at Franklin and Marshall: underlying values and attitudes
  • Paul Yoo
    Advisor: Zeshan Ismat
    GEO490 - Meso-and micro-scale deformation mechanisms preserved within the Piedmont province, Appalachian Mountains
    Developing a Management Plan Based on Water Quality and Nutrient Retention in a Newly Constructed Alkaline Fen in West Lampeter, PA
    Climatic and Tectonic Influence in an East African Rift System: Pleistocene Paludal Tufa Development in an Arid Climate, Lake Baringo, Kenya
    Multi-proxy Evaluation of Early Holocene Acropora Cervicornis from the Enriquillo Valley, Dominican Republic: Implications for Local Climate dynamics and Coral Biochemistry
    Phosphorous Contents of Legacy Sediment in Lancaster County: Significance for Non-Point Source Pollution of the Chesapeake Bay
    Collection Method Biases in Vertebrate Microsite Sampling, Montana
    An Analysis of the Waste Stream at Franklin and Marshall College
    Physical Characteristics of Flood Plain Sediments of Santa Domingo Creek, Lititz, Lancaster County, PA
    Geology, Technology and Policy: Finding Faults and Moving Forward with Nuclear Power and Waste Disposal
    Long-term forest composition and nutrient changes in two New Jersey pinelands lowland forests
    Magnetic Properties of Central Mediterranean Obsidians:An Archaeological Fingerprint?
    Determining the Origin and Fault Displacement of Two Paleo-Stream Channels Through Grain-Size Analysis, Petrologic Study, and Aerial Photo Analysis: Westport, California
    Geology of the Southern One-Third of the Little Chinquapin Mountain Quadrangle, Oregon
    Sedimentology of the Tsagantsav Formation; A Lowermost Cretaceous Lacustrine Synrift Formation Tavan Har, Southeast Mongolia
    Implications of fracture patterns and shear stress indicators on varying scales in the Northern Snake Range Decollement, Nevada
    Development of a Conodont Element Morphospace as a Basis for Analysis of Patterns of Evolution in Complexity at Two Levels of Conodont Organization
    Spatially-Explicit Population Dispersal Modeling on a Heterogeneous Landscape: Elk at Riding Mountain NP, Canada
    A Study of Plains Volcanism on Mars with a Comparison to Volcanism on the Eastern Snake River Plains in Idaho
    Constructing a Habitat Network in Sumatra, Indonesia using a Focal Species Approach: Implications for Endangered Wildlife
    Volume loss in the Hamburg slates
    The dirt on the dirt: A study of sedimentation patterns in the Little Conestoga Creek Watershed
    Geology of the Headwaters Region of the South Fork of The Little Butte Creek, Oregon
    Landscape evolution and neotectonics of Southern Cape Liptrap, Australia
    Land use and sediment yield: an assessment of Swarr Run, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    Brain Size and Body Size in Hominid Evolution
  • STROUP, LAURA J. (Honors)
    Glen Canyon Dam: History, Controversy, and Current Debate
    Diagenetic Alterations in Carbonate Glacial Lake Sediments; Hardin, County Ohio
    Determining the Thickness of Hesperia Planum Ridge Plains Using Visible and Buried Crater Relief From MOLA
    Modern Sedimentation of a Proglacial, Ice-contact Lake, Mendenhall Lake, Juneau, Alaska
  • BLEACHER, JACOB E. (Honors)
    A New Look at Martian Southern Polar Crater Morphologies From MOLA data
    Petrology of the Pyramid Peak Pluton, Sierra Nevada, California
    Hydrologic Study of the Baker Campus Woodland-Wetland
    Cement Stratigraphy within the Ledger Formation (Middle Cambrian), York County, Pennsylvania
    Further Magnetic and Petrologic Studies of the Fishing Creek Metabasalt Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
    Grainstone Beds within Cambrian Shelf Margin Microbialites, the Ledger Formation, York County, Pennsylvania
  • NICHOLAS, JASON D. (Honors)
    A Glimpse into the Phase Relations of the Mg2SiO4-MgAl2O4 System at 25 Gpa
    Study of an unusually sulphide-poor Copper porphyry deposit in northern California
    Mapping and Characterizing the Fishing Creek Metabasalt on Land and under the Susquehanna River, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

    A Systematic Study and Taphonomic Analysis of the Mammal Remains from the Packrat Middens of Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Utah
  • FREY, HOLLI M. (Honors)
    The Origin of Meter-Scale Submarine Cavities and Herringbone Calcite Cement in the Ledger Formation, York, Pennsylvania
    Geochemical variations within Cambrian fibrous cements, Ledger Formation, York County, Pennsylvania
    Paleoecology of the muddy bottom fauna of the Kinzers Formation, Lower Cambrian of Lancaster and York Counties, Pennsylvania
  • STONE, ELIZABETH M. (Honors)
    Petrochemistry of plutons in the Heart Mountain allochton, northwest Wyomingtle
  • DEPETRIS, ATHEA A. (Thea) (Honors)
    Fabric of the Cascadia Subduction Zone Just South of Point Delgada, California
    Geochemical and petrological analysis of Miocene to Pleistocene volcanism in the Southern Oregonian Cascades
    Computer Simulations of Arcoid Ligaments
  • LOVE, ADAM H. (Honors)
    Miocene volcaniclastic assembly of the Bisciaro Formation: Northern Apennines, Italy
    Southern Oregon Cascade Volcanism Along the Klamath River Canyon
    The northernmost San Andreas fault: evidence of youthful strike-slip faulting near Point Delgada, California
  • VEIT, KENNETH M. (Honors)
    Petrology and Origin of Sheeted Dikes From the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
  • ADAMS, STEPHEN D. (Honors)
    Origin and Evolution of Magma in Gouldsboro Granite, Schoodic Peninsula
  • KATARI, KAUSHIK (Honors)
    Secular Variation Analysis of Archaeomagnetic Data From Tel Ashkeon, Israel
    Systems Modeling of the Creswell Waste Water Treatment Facility, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
    Geometric Varation of Patterned Ground on East Summit and Beartooth Butte, Wyoming: Description, Analysis and Origin
  • YOCUM, DANIEL, A. (Honors)
    Deposition and Diagenesis of Lacustrine Carbonates in the Gettysburg Basisn, (Triassic), PA
    An Electromagnetic Conductivity Survey on Beaver Island, Meridith, NH for Siting Septic Systems
  • LIU, XIAOYU (Greg) (Honors)
    Petrochemistry, Paleointensity and Anisotrophy of Magnetic Susceptibility of Clinkers from the Williston Basin, SE Montana
  • BERK, WENDY SHARA (Honors)
    Deposition and Carbonate Diagenesis of a Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate System: The Centerfield Biostrome, Stroudsburg, PA
  • BURNS, CHRISTINE D. (Honors)
  • Quartz Fabrics and Clay Mineralogy As Indicators of Depositional and Diagenetic History: Examples From the Centerfield Biostrome Near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
  • COLER, DAVID G. (Honors)
    A detailed study of basaltic replenishments: The Pleasant Bay Intrusion, Northern Coastal Maine

    Lucinid shell distributions and their use in the recognition of distinct taphofacies, San Salvador Island, Bahamas
    A geochemical and petrographic study of the subaerial alkalic cap lavas of Hualalai, Hawaii
  • EIDE, ELIZABETH (Honors)
    Geochemistry and petrology of Castle and McIntyre Mountains: Early oligocene volcanoes of the Thirty-nine Mile Volcanic Field, Colorado
  • DUNLAP, STEPHEN, J. (Honors)
    Paleomagnetism of the Mesozoic York Haven Diabase, south of Harrisburg, PA
    Sediment budget of the Pequea Creek, SE Pennsylvania
  • GOLDSCHMIDT, PETER MARTIN Gravel residence times and associated factors in two streams in Lancaster County PA
  • JONES, F. ROSS Sequence of deformation determined from multiple cleavages, Jacksonburg limestone, Berks County PA
  • VEST, SARAH B. Long and short-term equilibrium conditions within an agricultural drainage basin, Lancaster County PA
  • MATLOCK, JOSEPH The Petrology of the Kadavur Anorthosite Body Tamil Nadu, South India
  • SNYDER, DONALD, A. (Honors) Fractional Crystallization and Cumulus processes in the Port Manvers Run intrusion, Nain, Labrador
  • ADELSON, AMY, A Study of Acrotretid Brachiopods: Paleobiology, Paleoecology and Stratigraphic Distribution
  • McHUGH, JUDITH P. (Honors) The influence of land management on sediment yields in three tributaries to the Pequea Creek, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • BLOMQUIST, CARIN E. The Origin Of Textures In Layered Troctolites
  • 1982 WARD, BRUCE The Provenance of the graywackes in the Hamburg klippe, southeastern Pennsylvania
  • MONZ, DAVID, GLASS, EVAN Geologic interpretation of the Martinsburg Formation in the northern sector of Berks and Lebanon Counties, eastern Pennsylvania

  • MACHENBERG, MARCIE D. (Honors) Water temperature effects on equilibrium profil
  • HILMOE, CYNTHIA D. The Dynamics of fluvial morphology
  • HUESTIS, NANCY Mercury in stream sediments: A reconnaissance of Little Muddy Creek
  • FEDOSH, MICHAEL STEPHEN Determination of the Pleistocene depositional history from stratified drift of the Pequest Valley, New Jersey
  • KOLKER, ALLAN Petreogenesis of the Tigalak Intrusion, South Aulatsivik Island, Labrador, CanadaL
  • ANES, STEPHAN P An analysis of Ca, Mg, K, Cr, Cd, Fe, Cu and Zn in the local tap water by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
  • QUARLES, KENNETH Element analysis of Schwartzwalder mine uranium ore
  • RITTER, ANDREW P. A Geochemical And Petrological Study Of A Suite Of Troctolitic Rocks From South Aulatsivik Island, Labrador, Canada
  • HART, WILLIAM K. The geology and petrology of the northern one-half of the Bray Quadrangle, northeastern California
  • KERR, JR., JAMES M. Geology of the Martinsburg Formation in the Hamburg area, Berks County PA
  • OESTRIKE, JR., RICHARD W. The Precambrian Mafic Gneiss of the Wagontown Area, Pennsylvania: A Layered Intrusion Model
  • WEAVER, STEPHEN G. Geology and petrology of the southeast portion of the Bray Quadrangle, northern California
  • ALLARD, PHILIP A. What is the problem with the stuff of dust: A study of clay minerals
  • BOYER, HENRY KEITH Geologic and economic aspects of the magnetite deposit at Boyertown PA
  • DERSTLER, KRAIG (Honors) Homoiostelean Carpoids
  • ETHETTON, LEE W Amecystis Raymondi. Reconstruction and functional morphology
  • HUGHES, JOHN M Geology and petrology of the western Medicine Lake Highlands and Garner Mountain area, northern California
  • KOCHEL, R., CRAIG (Honors) Morphology, Structure, and Origin of Two Block Fields and Associated Deposits, Northern Berks Co. PA
  • KRUGER, FREDRICK G Geology of the Coopersville area, Lancaster County PA
  • ROSEN, JUDITH A. Studies on Zinc-toxic corn plants: The nature of the zinc-iron competition and its effect on chlorophyll biosynthesis and the distribution of zinc and iron in the chloroplast (SpS)
  • WALTER, ROBERT C. Geology and petrology of the northwest portion of the Medicine Lake Highland, California
  • ALEU, M. OLGA, CUNNINGHAM, CATHRYN E. Geology of the Green Tree area
  • BENDER, DANIEL JOHN, TROUTMAN, STEVE EARL Hydrologic study of the Elizabethtown area
  • BOTTNER, ROGER W. Petrology of Precambrian gneisses, Wagontown area, PA
  • BURNELL, JAMES R. Geology and petrology of the southeast portion of the Medicine Lake Highland, California
  • CALHOUN, EDWARD J. The petrology of the Baltimore gabbro complex along the Octoraro Creek, Pennsylvania-Maryland border
  • DANA, Jr., RICHARD H., EVANS, KARL V. Geology of the Little Eightmile area north of Leadore, Idaho
  • DORSEY, ROGER ALLEN The morphology of Bowery Run drainage basin and related studies
  • GOLDEN, MARC L. (Honors) Zinc toxicity in plants: Nature and extent of the problem and physiological parameters in corn (Sps & Bio)
  • HACKETT, WILLIAM R. Geology and petrology of a portion of the Medicine Lake Highland, northern California
  • HESTER, JAMES STEPHEN (Honors) Fluid inclusions in stratiform, carbonate terrane, ore related minerals, and as a possible tool in prospecting.
  • HIGH, SAMUEL A. Geology of the north flank of Mine Ridge
  • HINCE, CHRISTINE MARIE The effect of geologic parameters on the habitats of aquatic faunas
  • KELLY, FORD DENNISHydrologic properties of a dolomite aquifer as exemplified by petroleum product recovery processes, Whitemarsh PA
  • LALLY, FREDERICK CARL Petrology of the metamorphic rocks in the Hudson Highlands near Cornwall, New York
  • LITTLE, MARY L., FLINCHBAUGH, BERNADETTE M. Structural and petrographic relations of a portion of the Southern Tendoy Range
  • SCHANTZ, CYNTHIA Solid waste disposal
  • AFOLABI, JOSEPH, BURR, WILLIAM The Ordovician-Silurian problem in eastern Pennsylvania and ramifications pertaining thereto
  • BLEIWEISS, PETER, RENKEN, ROBERT The geology of the Stony Hill-Oak Hill region
  • BRAGDON, KATHERINE Analysis of the Chickies Park controversy
  • CARR, MICHAEL D. On the Road. Geology of I-83 Highway, York to Maryland line
  • GERHART, JAMES A study of the metabasalts in southern York County
  • GIANFORTONI, JOSEPH Copper analysis by atomic absorption spectrophotometer of red bed sediments and associated igneous and metamorphic rock near Elizabethtown PA
  • GREENE, HOWARD J. Remote sensing as a tool in terrain analysis
  • HASTINGS, DAVID, BOETTCHER, ANDREW, CONKWRIGHT, ROBERT D Geology of the Quarryville-Mine Ridge area
  • HINCE, CHRISTINE M.Effects of geology and land use on ground water and stream water in the Hammer Creek drainage basin
  • KOCHEL, R. CRAIG, DORSEY, ROGER, A. An Ecological Study of Tucquan Creek Basin, A Tributary of the Susquehanna River, Southern Lancaster county, PA
  • LALLY, FREDERICK C. A geological-environmental evaluation of the Sunnyside area
  • LECHEVALIER, MARC The Pleistocene geology of the Upper Big Hole Valley, Beaverhead County, Montana
  • LONKER, STEVEN E. Geology of portions of the Mt. Kearsarge and Penacook quadrangles, New Hampshire
  • McCLAIN, PHILIP E. Cancer in Lancaster County: Analysis by age, sex, anatomical site and distribution
  • MARION, ROBERT H. The geology of a portion of the Mt. Kearsarge quadrangle, New Hampshire
  • MILLER, ELIZABETH L. Investigation of a quartz monzonite body near Salmon, Idaho
  • NEIL, JAMES Metamorphic petrology of the Wissahickon and Peter's Creek schists, Chester County, PA
  • SEYMOUR, EDWARD H., JR. Seismic refraction study of the Delaware River Valley fill sequence, near Bushkill PA
  • WENZEL, KURT A. The geology of the Ephrata and Lititz lowlands, Lancaster County PA
  • WHITE, MARTHA The geology of the Egypt Mills area, Pike County PA
  • ANDREWS, J. A., WETMORE, JR., R. F. The geology of the Peach Bottom Fold
  • FOLKOMER, TIMOTHY The mineralogy and petrography of an adamellite pluton near Nain, Labrador
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