3 Majors:       Environmental Studies  Environmental Science 

Environmental Studies

Humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences combine to examine how humans interact with, and impact, the environment around them. Students focus on issues like global warming, alternative energy sources, wilderness protection, and natural resources. 

Study the environment from diverse perspectives

Environmental Science

Environment Science uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate environmental issues. Cutting-edge field, laboratory and computing equipment are used to evaluate and solve environmental problems within a societal context. Contacts with local, state, and national professionals enhance the program.

Make the Earth your classroom


​Geosciences emphasizes the dynamic processes that shape our planet, looking at the minerals and rocks that comprise it and the interdisciplinary study of the Earth’s surface and interior. This major has a proven track record, consistently ranking among the best undergraduate programs in the country.  .

Field-based learning around the world

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ENE Light Lunch - Friday 9/18/15

 Gillian Graham, a representative from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC) will speak about the environmental, human health, and economic benefits of eating local, organic food. She will also talk about the CSA program and how F&M constituents can participate in the program.

 A lunch of salad and bagels will be provided.

Hackman 119 at 12:00 noon


Hawai'i -- Spring Break 2015

The Petrology class (GEO322) travelled to Hawai'i during Spring Break, March 14-22. Professor Stan Mertzman took 10 students to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. In addition to spending a day with noted volcanologist Don Swanson examining evidence for intense bursts of pyroclastic activity at Kilauea volcano, the group hiked the Kilauea I'ki trail, hiked to Mauna Ulu shield volcano and pit crater, and explored the Nahuku lava tube. Read more:  http://www.fandm.edu/news/latest-news/2015/04/02/a-geoscience-course-takes-students-to-volcanic-hawaii

Why study our Earth & Environment?

Why a career in the Earth sciences? Hear what the American Geological Institute has to say...

The Pulse

October 27
event 10/27/2015

Chemistry Seminar

Hackman 412 Smart Classroom

Dr. Joshua M. O. Zide, of the University of Delaware, presents: Novel Semiconductor and Epitaxial...

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December 03
event 12/3/2015

Climate Change & National Security

Lisa Bonchek Adams 200 Auditorium

"Climate Change and National Security: People not Polar Bears"   Dr. David Titley is a...

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February 12
event 2/12/2016

Darwin Day 2016

Booth Ferris

Roger D. K. Thomas, John Williamson Nevins Professor of Geosciences, will be the speaker for Darwin...

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Story 10/7/2015

Off-Campus Study: Tyler Schechter '16

Environmental Studies major studies on the  SFS Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies program in Panama.

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Story 9/25/2015

Conservation Paleobiology Fieldtrip

Last weekend, students enrolled in Conservation Paleobiology took a fieldtrip back in time ten million years using Miocene marine fossils and sediments. On Friday, two F&M vans departed campus and...

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Story 8/31/2015

Gardening Orientation for First-Year Students

A group of first-year students started their semester in the campus vegetable garden, participating in a nascent pre-orientation program centered on healthy food and sustainable living.

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Story 8/3/2015

F&M Recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Recycling

F&M recently was recognized for its waste reduction efforts by the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania.  

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Story 7/31/2015

Rolling Into A Rewarding Summer Internship

Mark Rooney '17  spends the summer in Lancaster interning with The Common Wheel, a bike shop that restores damaged bicycles and gives them to local children.

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