3 Majors:       Environmental Studies  Environmental Science 

Environmental Studies

Humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences combine to examine how humans interact with, and impact, the environment around them. Students focus on issues like global warming, alternative energy sources, wilderness protection, and natural resources. 

Study the environment from diverse perspectives

Environmental Science

Environment Science uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate environmental issues. Cutting-edge field, laboratory and computing equipment are used to evaluate and solve environmental problems within a societal context. Contacts with local, state, and national professionals enhance the program.

Make the Earth your classroom


​Geosciences emphasizes the dynamic processes that shape our planet, looking at the minerals and rocks that comprise it and the interdisciplinary study of the Earth’s surface and interior. This major has a proven track record, consistently ranking among the best undergraduate programs in the country.  .

Field-based learning around the world

What's New


Welcome to the Hive
  • hawaii lava tube 2015

Welcome to the Hive!

A locally crafted bee hive has been installed in the Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment. Environmental Science students monitor the hive and study the bees to learn more about the world-wide decline of honey bees and solutions for increasing their population. The bees have easy access to the newly-created pollinator garden.

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Hawai'i -- Spring Break 2016

The Petrology class (GEO322) will travel to Hawaii again for Spring Break 2016, March 12-19. Professor Stan Mertzman and Lab Technician Emily Wilson '11 will take 7 students to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. They also plan to spend time at Kilauea volcano, hike the Kilauea I'ki trail, hike to Mauna Ulu shield volcano and pit crater, and explore the Nahuku lava tube.


Why study our Earth & Environment?

Why a career in the Earth sciences? Hear what the American Geological Institute has to say...
Why Earth Science?

The Pulse

Story 7/25/2016

F&M Student Running Across Country to Battle Cancer

Franklin & Marshall students often tackle interesting projects during the summer – internships, academic research, study abroad and more. But one is part of a team running across the United States to...

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Story 7/21/2016

The Latest Step in Campus Sustainability is a Big One

Atop the flat roof of Franklin & Marshall College's Center for the Sustainable Environment, the large green housing unit connected to an elaborate skeleton of steel and pipes kicked into operation...

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Story 7/18/2016

Dirt Army Organic Garden Produce

For the next several months, the F&M Dirt Army gardeners will be selling their fresh, organic produce from the student garden to F&M constituents.

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Story 7/1/2016

Gulf Day 8: Sampling Offshore Louisiana

Another 12+ hour day awaited us on our second day sampling offshore the Louisiana coast. We knew it would be a difficult one for us, since it would be the last day that we would have seafloor...

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Story 7/1/2016

Gulf Day 7: Sampling Offshore Louisiana

Guest post by Anik Regan. It is our first day sampling off the coast of Louisiana. By now we have become veterans of the long days at sea, gathering samples from the ocean floor. We spent the...

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