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Additional Course Information

A major in economics consists of a minimum of ten courses: The six required courses are

  • ECO100 Introduction to Economic Principles
  • ECO103 Introduction to Economic Perspectives
  • ECO201 Macroeconomics
  • ECO200 Microeconomics
  • ECO203 Value and Distribution
  • ECO210 Economic Statistics (or Mathematics 216)

Students majoring in economics must also complete four elective courses within the department, at least two of which must be 300 level or higher.

A minor in economics consists of six courses: ECO100 and ECO 103 plus four other courses approved by the Department, at least three of which will normally be at the 200 or higher level.

Tutorials and Directed Readings
Topic courses of special interest to faculty are offered. Students often take courses on a tutorial basis with faculty members; this one-on-one setting provides students with the opportunity to explore an area of interest not covered in regular courses, or to investigate an area in greater depth.

Off-Campus Study
Students contemplating semesters at other institutions should consult the economics department at the earliest possible date. Economics majors have studied abroad or off-campus in the following programs in recent years:

  • University of Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Shanghai Institute of Economics and Finance (China)
  • East China Normal University (China)
  • University College London (UK)
  • Tohoku Gakuin (Japan)
  • American University in Cairo (Egypt)
  • Syracuse University Program (Italy, Spain)
  • Boston University International Honors Program (Brazil, France, India, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Africa (UK).

Graduate Study
Students who are planning graduate work in economics should undertake adequate preparation in mathematics - normally Mathematics 109, 110, and 111 (Calculus I, II, III), Mathematics 216 and 316 (Probability and Statistics I, II), and Mathematics 229 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations).