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  • Edward E. Fenlon

    Associate Professor of Chemistry
    Office: HAC406

    Professional Biography

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    B.S. St. Lawrence University, 1990
    Ph.D. University of Illinois, 1995

    Research Interests

    We use organic synthesis to build molecules for practical purposes. Research projects involve: 

    1) The synthesis of nucleotides and proteins with an azide (R-N3) probe to monitor electrostatic environments and solvent dynamics by vibrational (IR) spectroscopy.

    2) The design and synthesis of air-stable, water-soluble organic radicals such as sulfonated BDTPP for dynamic nuclear polarization imaging. 

    3) Molecular knots.  

    4) The design and synthesis of musks as perfumes.

    5) Collaborative work to synthesize ganglioside GM3 to help Amish children.

    6) The history of organic chemistry.


    Research Collaborations:

         Nucleic Acid Probes
    Dr. Scott Brewer
         Dr. Matthew Tucker
         Dr. Christopher Cheatum
         Dr. Steven Corcelli 
         Dr. Alex MacKerell

         History of Organic Chemistry
         Dr. Brian Myers

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    Grants & Awards

    NIH grant - "Development and Application of Multi-Spectroscopic, Site-Specific (MS3) Probes of Nucleic Acid Structure."  June 2010 through May 2013.  $195,895.00


    1999 - Present

    Student coauthor bold.

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    Course Information

    Dr. Edward Fenlon teaches the following courses:

    Chem 112 - General Chemistry II
    Chem 211/212 - Organic Chemistry I and II
    Chem 323 - Medicinal Chemistry

    FND 182 - Pills, Pills, Pills