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Incident Reporting

Welcome! And thank you for taking the time to submit an incident report to the Workplace Safety Committee. The information you provide will help the Committee with our mission: to assess and respond to safety issues in order to reduce overall exposure to accidents, and work-related injuries and illnesses.

Incidents, for which this log may be recorded, include those in which there was minor injury to a person, or minimal damage to property. Please include "close calls" too, those incidents which could have resulted in injury to a person or damage to property. Here are some examples of incidents that you could report using this web log:

  • Someone's hand is pinched in a door jamb;
  • An unexpected odor is emitted during a chemistry experiment; or
  • The door to a secured area is left open and unattended.

This log may be completed by the person directly involved in the incident, a witness to the incident, or a person who later becomes aware of the incident. (Multiple reports are always welcome!) It should be recorded as soon as possible after the incident. You are asked to provide your name and E-mail address. You may submit information on the incident anonymously, if you choose to do so.

Please remember that if you are an employee, including a student worker, and have sustained an injury during the course of employment, you should contact Human Resorces, at 291-3995, within 24 hours.

Workplace Incident Report Form for Employees (includes Student Workers)