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Material Safety Data Sheets

Resources at F&M for Material Safety Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are references prepared by chemical product manufacturers to inform the end users of the hazards associated with these products and to advise users of appropriate precautions. Centralized paper collections of Material Safety Data Sheets for commercial chemical products are available at the Martin Science Library (behind the main desk), the Environmental Health & Safety Office (Facilities & Operations Building, 2nd Floor) 415 Harrisburg Ave.

Centralized paper collections of MSDSs for laboratory chemicals are available in the Environmental, Health & Safety Office and, with the exception of the Sigma/Aldrich family of chemicals, are available in the Martin Science Library (behind the main desk), the Biology Department's Stock Room (Fackenthal 16), and the Chemistry Department's Computer Workroom (Hackman P302).

Access to Sigma/Aldrich MSDSs is provided to members of the F&M community through the campus AppleShare Network. Refer to the link on the left for further instruction.

Additional links to information about Material Safety Data Sheets, and sources of MSDSs on campus, can be found to the left. If you need help obtaining or interpreting an MSDS, contact at the Environmental, Health & Safety Office.