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Safety Suggestion/Near Miss Reporting

Safety Suggestions

All employees, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to provide safety suggestions or report unsafe conditions on campus. Suggestions will be reviewed by the F&M workplace safety committee each month.

Near Miss Incidents

A Near Miss incident is “an event that may have resulted in personnel injury, equipment damage or a reduction in system integrity but did not”, and should be reported by the individual that experienced the near miss (“self-reported”) or by an individual that witnessed a Near Miss event.

The intent of the “Near Miss Reporting Program” is to encourage employees to report and discuss near misses that normally they would not report for fear of discipline or other reprisal.   Each incident that is reported will be reviewed by the Franklin & Marshall Workplace Safety Committee.

If you experience or witness a Near Miss Incident please use the on-line form to report as much information as possible about the incident.