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EMS Academy

EMT training is a fun, educational, and valuable program. It usually lasts for one semester, often aligning with a college schedule. You will be trained how to manage medical illnesses and traumatic injuries, in both classroom and hands-on learning environments. You will also be trained in a variety of fascinating and useful skills, such as performing CPR, delivering babies, and assisting a paramedic with intubation or IV therapy. Many programs require ride-along time with a local ambulance company in order to learn from experienced EMTs.

While we do not provide EMT training through F&M, many of our EMTs were trained through Lancaster EMS Academy. Classes are held near Lancaster General Hospital and transportation can be arranged. For more information on Lancaster EMS Academy classes, including dates, you can visit their website.

If you would rather take the class somewhere else, most states have reciprocity agreements with Pennsylvania that will allow you to transfer your certification in order to serve here in Lancaster. For more information on other classes or any training questions, please .

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Ongoing Squad Training

Training does not stop after EMT classes end. We pride ourselves in our rigorous training program. Each week we have a meeting solely dedicated to hands-on training and skills practice. At each meeting, our Training Manager, or any other intersted squad member, gives a presentation on a specific topic that pertains to our operations at F&M. This presentation is followed by hands-on practice and mock calls.

We also bring in a variety of speakers and sponsor events for our members in order to keep our certifications current, as well maintain the highest level of care in the field of pre-hospital emergency care.

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  • EMTs see patients at a critical time, during illness or injury. They are caring people who provide pre-hospital care, comfort and compassion.