• Erik Anderson
Writer in Residence & Director of the Emerging Writers Festival


Office: KEI 308A

Office Hours

Office:  Keiper 308A
Semester:  Spring  2016
  • Tuesdays:  9:00-10:00 am
  • Fridays:  1:30-3:00 pm
  • By appointment


B.A., University of Michigan

M.F.A., Naropa University

Ph.D., University of Denver



Estranger (Rescue Press, 2016)

Flutter Point (Forthcoming from Zone 3 Press, 2017)

The Poetics of Trespass (Otis Books / Seismicity Editions, 2010)


3:AM Magazine, American Letters & Commentary, Bending Genre, Bombay Gin, The Collagist, Denver Quarterly, EntropyJacket, The Laurel Review, The Los Angeles Review of Books, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Necessary Fiction, Pilot Light, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Poor Claudia, Puerto Del Sol, Rain Taxi Review of Books, The Recluse, SalonSeneca Review, Sleeping Fish, Something on Paper, Tammy, Terrain.org, Trickhouse, Unstuck, Versal, West Branch, Western Humanities Review, Witness, and Zone 3, among others. 

Course Information

CNX152: Lost in Space 

ENG225 Introduction to Creative Writing (Fall 2016)

ENG272 Getting Personal: The Lyric Essay 

ENG277 / ENV277 / STS277 Science Writing: Fact & Fiction

ENG384 Writing Nonfiction (Fall 2016)

ENG480 Advanced Creative Writing Workshop