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Electronic Timesheet Approver FAQs

Last Updated: 12/1/12

The Human Resources and Payroll module of project BOOST launched in December 2012. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about this module.

1. Do I have to approve timesheets for students too?

Electronic timesheets will need to be approved for all non-exempt professional staff as well as student employees.

2. What is the deadline for me to approve timesheets?

You are expected to have all timesheets approved by Monday at 5pm following the close of a pay period.

3. Will students and professional staff be on the same payroll cycle?


4. What happens if I forget to approve a timesheet and the deadline passes? You will need to contact payroll.

Is there a built in reminder that will alert me that it’s time for me to approve timesheets? At the current time, there is not. However, it is a high priority of the implementation team to create this functionality as soon as possible after going live.

5. Am I expected to know the different types of ‘earn codes’ and how and when each should be used?

Yes, timesheet approvers are expected to fully understand the policies surrounding the use of leave, and how employees are to properly record their hours. Please review the Human Resources website at or call a member of the HR staff if you have any questions.

6. Can I correct a timesheet that is submitted to me?

While it is possible for supervisors to correct timesheets on behalf of a staff member, it is recommended that you ‘return the timesheet for correction’ to the staff member.

7. Once a timesheet is approved, can I retrieve it and change it?

No. You must contact Payroll for any corrections after it is approved.

8. How will new employees be trained on electronic timesheet entry?

A link to a video will be available on the Business Office website and the Human Resources website that will provide instruction on timesheet entry.

9. How will I remember to review timesheets by the deadline?

We suggest you set up a weekly or bi-weekly reminder on your Google calendar so you do not forget.

10. Can timesheets be submitted and approved early if an employee’s workweek ends on a Tuesday?

Yes. However, it is recommended that the approval be completed after the pay period ends in case additional hours are worked.

11. What if my employee is out sick on the last day of a pay period?

You will need to contact someone in payroll to retrieve the timesheet on your behalf.

12. What do I do if the hours on the timesheet are incorrect or I have a question about what is submitted to me?

While timesheet approvers have the ability to modify a timesheet that is submitted, we prefer that you return it to the employee for correction. If this is not possible, then you may modify it on their behalf. The change and the reason for it should be clearly communicated to the employee as there will not be an automatic alert notifying them of this.

13. What do I do if I don’t get a timesheet from someone that I’m expecting to?

Near the end of each pay period, you should review the timesheets in your queue to be sure they are all ‘in progress’ or have been submitted to you for approval. If the deadline for submitting timesheets has already passed and it has not been submitted to you, you must contact payroll.

14. Who can approve timesheets for me if I’m out?

You must assign a ‘proxy’ to sign timesheets in your absence; a responsible member of your department who can approve timesheets in your absence. Multiple proxies are not recommended as this can create confusion.

15. Can someone that reports to me be designated as my proxy and sign their own timesheets on my behalf?


16. Can a proxy of my proxy see my employees’ timesheets?


17. In the event of a campus-wide emergency on a deadline, is payroll able to extract the timesheets so that everyone can get paid?

Yes, payroll has the ability to do this, but may only do so with explicit direction from the senior staff.

18. When will payroll transactions be posted against the budget?

Transactions are posted to the budget when payroll posts them to the general ledger.

19. Who do I call if I have any questions about approving timesheets?

  • Email Denise Orrison at or call 291-3928
  • Email Lori Few at or call 291-4211