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Timesheet Entry FAQ

Last Updated: 06/06/13

The Human Resources and Payroll module of project BOOST launched in December 2012. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about this module.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do both non-exempt and exempt professional staff fill out timesheets?

Non-exempt staff members (those assigned an hourly rate of pay) will complete an online timesheet.  Based on federal regulations, non-exempt staff must record their work hours on timesheets.

Exempt staff will complete an online timesheet to record Paid Sick Leave and Paid Vacation Leave only.  Per federal regulations, exempt staff are not required to record their work hours on timesheets.

What are the deadlines for my timesheet to be submitted?

Your timesheet must be submitted to your supervisor before Monday at 5pm after the pay period ends.  We recommend your timesheet is submitted at the end of the last day worked for the pay period, so that your approver has ample time to review and approve.

Your supervisor must approve your timesheet by 5pm Monday after the pay period ends.

For exempt staff, when submitting your timesheet for sick or vacation time used, please remember to hit the 'submit for approval' button.  Your timesheet will then automatically be approved.

What if my timesheet is not listed or my Position (Title and Department) is not listed on the drop down menu?

Please contact your supervisor and/or Human Resources to determine if you have been authorized to work and that the appropriate paperwork (I9, W4, etc.) has been submitted.

If I don’t work for an entire pay period, do I need to submit a timesheet?

Not unless you are submitting hours to be paid for leave time such as vacation, sick, family illness, personal hours, authorized college holidays, etc.  If you are a full time, non-exempt employee not working any hours during a pay period, please notify Denise Orrison, Payroll and Carmen Ringgold, Human Resources.

How will my supervisor and I remember to submit timesheets by the deadline?

We suggest you set up a weekly or bi-weekly reminder on your Google calendar so you do not forget.  You may ask your supervisor to set up his/her own reminders.

What are the definitions of each of the Earn Codes that show up on my online timesheet?

Earn Code


Reg Hours

The number of hours you regularly work each day, and for which you receive your normal hourly rate of pay.

Hours between 35-40

If you are normally scheduled to work 35 hours per week, for any week in which you work 36 through 40 hours, record those hours here. You will receive your normal hourly rate of pay.


All hours worked over 40 in one week (hours 41 and over).


Hours that you are off work due to non-occupational illness or injury.


Hours for which you are using paid vacation time.


Hours for which you are using paid holiday time.


Hours that are considered Paid Personal time off.

Family Illness

Hours that you take off to care for an ill family member, per the Family Illness Day policy.

Less Commonly Used Earn Codes

Weather Emergency

Hours that you would ordinarily be at work, but the College formally notifies you that the College is closed and you are to stay home due to a weather related incident.

Utility Emergency

Hours that you would ordinarily be at work, but the College formally notifies you that the College or your department is closed and you are to stay home due to a utility related incident such as a power outage.

Weather Essential or Critical Personnel

Hours worked by employees designated by their department manager or Senior Officer as “essential” or “critical” while the College is closed due to a weather related incident.  Hours recorded in this area should also be recorded under Reg Hours – entry in this area will generate the premium pay offered by policy.  Special approval is needed for these hours.

Utility Essential or Critical Personnel

Hours worked by employees designated by their department manager or Senior Officer as “essential” or “critical” while the College is closed due to a utility related incident.  Hours recorded in this area should also be recorded under Reg Hours – entry in this area will generate the premium pay offered by policy.  Special approval is needed for these hours.

When I log in to Inside F&M, what do the statuses of my timesheet mean?

·      Not Started – you have not opened your timesheet yet

·      In Progress – you have begun your timesheet

·      Pending – you have submitted your timesheet to your timesheet approver (typically your supervisor)

·      Approved – your approver has submitted your timesheet to payroll

·      Returned for Correction – your approver has returned your timesheet to you for modification

·      Error – contact the Payroll Coordinator

May I still record my sick and vacation time in ‘days’ rather than ‘hours’?

No, all time entered on an electronic timesheet must be in hours.

How do I know how many hours to record?

You should always record all your actual working hours on your timesheets (please get approval from your supervisor before working overtime hours).

If you take a paid day off work, record the number of hours you are normally scheduled to work each day, excluding any extra or overtime hours.  Most members of the non-exempt staff work 7, 7.5, or 8 hours per day.  Some members of the Public Safety department work 12 hours per day. If you are unsure how many hours to record each time you take a paid day off, please contact Human Resources, 291-4353.

Where do I record hours for jury duty or funeral leave?

With advance approval from your supervisor, you may record these hours as ‘Reg Pay’ and make a note in the ‘Comments’ section specifying ‘jury duty’ or ‘funeral leave’.

Who can approve my timesheet if my supervisor is unable to?

All timesheet approvers will assign a ‘proxy’ to sign timesheets on his/her behalf in the event that they are unable to.  If your supervisor is away from the office, complete and submit your timesheet in the usual manner.  Your supervisor’s proxy will be able to then view and approve it.

How do I complete my timesheet if the timesheet period has passed?

You are required to complete and submit your online timesheet by the deadline each pay period.  This will ensure you are paid in an accurate and timely manner.  If you are not able to submit your online timesheet due to circumstances beyond your control, you must complete a paper timesheet and submit it with the required signatures to the Business Office.  Paper timesheets are available in the Business Office.

If the pay period starts on a Sunday and I won’t work until Monday (or if I’m sick on Monday), do I have to log in and start my timesheet on Sunday from home?

No, you should log in on your first working day of the pay period.

What if I’m sick on the first or last day of a pay period?

You should notify your supervisor that you are unable to complete your online timesheet.  Your supervisor will contact the Payroll Coordinator.

What if I’m on vacation for the entire pay period?

You will have access to some future timesheets via Inside F&M, which will allow you to complete and submit your vacation timesheet up to 2 weeks in advance.

Can I make a comment about my hours on my electronic timesheet?

Yes, you may make a comment to your supervisor if you would like to alert him or her to a detail regarding your hours for a particular day.  Comments are not private and will be visible to those who process payroll.  ‘Sick Hours’ is an appropriate comment; you do not need to provide details of your illness or injury.

Do I have to fill out a timesheet from home if I don’t work during the summer months?

No, but if you are a full time, non-exempt employee, please notify Denise Orrison, Payroll and Carmen Ringgold, Human Resources.

Note, if a holiday falls during that pay period that no work hours are recorded, you must still complete the holiday hours and submit for approval in order to get paid for the holiday.

When I hit ‘submit for approval', does it automatically go to my supervisor for approval? 

Yes.  You may monitor the status of your timesheet via Inside F&M.

When I submitted my vacation hours, I received a warning ‘Possible Insufficient Leave Balance’.  What does this mean?

This means your available paid leave hours are less than the number of leave hours you entered on your timesheet.  You will not receive pay for such hours, if you take more leave time than what is available to you.  Please contact Human Resources with questions.

Does my supervisor get an email when I have submitted my timesheet for approval?

No. However, all timesheet approvers are instructed to log in to Inside F&M on a regular basis to review and approve timesheets.

Do I get an email when my timesheet is approved?

No.  However, you may log in to Inside F&M and review the status of your timesheet.

If my timesheet was accidentally submitted and approved with incorrect hours, what is the procedure for getting this corrected?

If the timesheet was submitted, but not yet approved, your supervisor/approver may return it to you for correction.  If submitted and approved, your supervisor must contact the Payroll Coordinator to make corrections.

If your supervisor is not available at the time you need to make a correction to your timesheet, you can contact Payroll directly. 

Can I just record the same hours every day and then adjust my schedule to come in late or leave early and then make up the time later, so that it ‘all works out in the end’?

No.  It is essential that your timesheet is a true and accurate record of the hours you work.

What if the charge for my hours are split between two or more accounts?

If you are working for a grant where actual hours must be charged to the grant, you may be given two electronic timesheets per pay period so that you can record your time accurately.

What if I leave work, and then get called back in to work later in the same evening?

Your electronic timesheet allows you to record multiple times ‘in’ and ‘out’ per day.

Why does ‘shift’ show on my timesheet when I enter my hours in and out?

All F&M electronic timesheets will show a ‘1’ for shift by default – no change is necessary.

Can I do my timesheet from home or anywhere with internet access?

While possible to do so, it is recommended that timesheets be completed during working hours.

Can my supervisor change my hours after I’ve submitted them?

If you submit your timesheet and then your supervisor identifies a problem with it, he/she will return it to you electronically for correction.  If necessary, your supervisor may correct your timesheet and then provide you with notice of the corrected timesheet.

If I work overtime, can I submit the hours as Reg Pay so that my department isn’t charged for overtime?

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires the College to pay overtime pay for all hours worked over 40 per week.  Therefore, you must record hours 41 and over during one week as “Overtime”.  You will need to get your supervisor’s approval before working any extra hours.

May my supervisor just submit timesheets for me every week so I don’t have to?

Every non-exempt employee is responsible for completing and submitting his or her own timesheets.

Since I enter my time-off in hours, do I still have to take my sick and vacation time in ½ day increments?

Yes, paid sick days and vacation days are to be taken in ½ or full day increments. A ½ day would typically equal 3.5 or 4 hours, and a full day 7 or 8 hours depending on your normal daily work schedule.  Some staff average less daily hours and may contact the Director, Human Resources if unsure how many hours to enter.

What do I do if I’m out sick and I can’t submit my timesheet on time?

Your supervisor should contact payroll at 291-3928 as he/she is not be able to access your timesheet until it is ‘submitted’ for approval.

What happens if the College is closed when timesheet entry and approval is due?

In these situations, the timesheet submission and approval deadline will be extended.

How should I record ‘comp time’?

You should record all your actual work hours on timesheets on the day the hours are worked; you can take unpaid time off in a later pay period as appropriate and as approved by your supervisor.

Who do I call if I’m having trouble filling out my timesheet?

·      Professional Staff may call or email Denise Orrison at 291-3928 

·      Student employees may call or email Lori Few at 291-4211

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