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Frequently Asked Questions about Inside F&M

Inside F&M, a new Web portal for Franklin & Marshall College's campus constituencies, is part of Project BOOST, F&M's Enterprise Resource Planning Project that launched in January 2012 to upgrade software systems managing student and academic information, human resources, finances and admission. Launched in December 2012, Inside F&M replaces the previous Web portal, MyDiplomat.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Inside F&M. Last updated: 1/31/13.

What is Inside F&M?

Inside F&M is a new Web portal that replaced MyDiplomat, the the College's previous Web portal. It is part of Project BOOST, F&M's Enterprise Resource Planning Project that launched in January 2012 to upgrade software systems managing student and academic information, human resources, finances and admission.

Inside F&M includes all information that was available in MyDiplomat, in addition to several new features including targeted announcements affecting students and College employees on campus and gateway access to Google Apps, mail and calendar. Like MyDiplomat, Inside F&M is password-protected and accessible from any computer.

Why must we log in multiple times after the initial login?

Users of Inside F&M must log in to access various sources of information within the Web portal after initially logging in to the system. Inside F&M displays information from MyDiplomat modules that have not yet been converted to the College's new system for managing information for students and academic units, human resources, finances and operations, and admission. Until all modules within myDiplomat have been converted, Inside F&M needs to access this information from myDiplomat and display it within Inside F&M. To do so, the second login into myDiplomat is necessary. This is temporary. Once all modules within myDiplomat have been converted, the second login will no longer be necessary.

Will there be training for people?

Training sessions have been and will continue to be scheduled for the various modules within Inside F&M as they launch. The schedules and registration forms are available here on the ERP website: Training and Documentation. Look under the appropriate module for specific information about training in that area.

In addition, ITS hosts a techncial clinic every week at which you can get hands-on support and training on how to use Inside F&M. For the schedule and to RSVP for a clinic, visit ITS Help Clinics.

All of sudden I can't find MyDiplomat to access my courses. How do I do this?

As part of Project BOOST, Inside F&M has replaced MyDiplomat as the Web portal for students to access their course schedules. Within Inside F&M, students should click on the Academics tab. Within this portion of the portal you will find a box titled My Courses that provides student course information.

How do I see which classes for next semester are being offered, which are open/closed, etc.?

Information for students to learn which classes will be offered, as well as availability for enrollment in those courses, will be available in the Inside F&M portal in March 2013.

Will we always have to log into MyDiplomat as well to view Academic Information?

MyDiplomat will not be available as a source for academic information after the transition of this information to the new Inside F&M portal. The academic module of Project BOOST is scheduled to launch in March 2013. Once it launches, you will be able to view academic information within the new system.

Why do I see the content of multiple calendars rather than my own daily events?

Users of Inside F&M have the option to see either their own daily event calendar, or the content of multiple calendars. By default, the calendar portlet displays all of your calendars. To change which calendars are displayed, simply click the "Filter Calendars" link and uncheck the calendars that you do not want displayed in your My Events section. Once you do this once, the portlet will remember, and you will not have to do it a second time.

Why does my daily calendar display duplicate calendar items?

At times, users of Inside F&M may notice that the daily calendar displays calendar items multiple times. This is a known bug that is associated with recurring events that have had a modification on an individual event in the series. Information Technology Services has reported this bug to the developers.

I have a new car. How do I change my vehicle registration?

A support ticket has been submitted to resolve this issue.

Will the Quick Links that used to be on the main website be added to Inside F&M?

The Quick Links that used to reside on the F&M home page exist on Inside F&M, but in a different format. Instead of one long list of quick links, there is a set of quick links relevant for each tab on the top left side of that tab within Inside F&M. For example, the Academics tab has a set of links that relate to academics, Budget has links that are finance related, and so on.

Will there be a weather link on the new Inside F&M page?

There will not be a weather link on Inside F&M at this time; however, you can find local weather information by searching on Google or exploring an array of applications that can display this information on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device.

How do I return to the home tab from the time sheet proxy set-up?

Users of Inside F&M cannot currently return to the Home tab from the time sheet proxy. As of February 2013, this is a known issue with the site's current configuration and should be fixed soon. Pleawe check with the ITS Call Center on the status.

Where can I find department rosters?

Faculty and Academic Department Coordinators can access department rosters within the Academics tab. You can do so by scrolling down to the Rosters box.

Where do I go to order Blue books and paper?

To order blue books and paper, use the Order Supplies box within the Budget tab. Please note that this box shows up only for those who do budget requsitions.

Will we have the option to re-size or change the placement of the boxes inside the portal?

We understand that users have proposed that there may be even greater benefit to the new Inside F&M if it was possible to customize the display by re-sizing or changing the placement of boxes inside the portal, but doing so is not possible at this time.

Are you planning a mobile apps version of Inside F&M?

The College hopes to have a mobile version of Inside F&M available to by the 2013-2014 academic year. While this will not technically be a mobile "app," the mobile version of the website will be adapted to display on mobile devices.

Where is the link to eDisk?

On Inside F&M, the link to the eDisk internal server, which houses many of the College's documents for file sharing, appears under the My Info tab in a box titled My Affilations. This box contains links to all your eDisk folders. This is similar to how this function worked in myDiplomat. Note that Safari is still the only browser that includes a "Files" column. Clicking on the links under this column will take you to the given eDisk folder.

How do I access email from Inside F&M?

To access email from Inside F&M, there is an email portlet on the left column of the home tab. Depending on your screen size, you may have to scroll down a bit to see it. Please note that sometimes it takes a few seconds to load messages within the portal. If you have problems accessing email using this portlet, please contact the ITS Call Center for technical support.

Why is Inside F&M so slow when I go back and forth between tabs?

System performance issues for users of Inside F&M could be related to a wide range of variables. For immediate support, please contact the ITS Call Center.