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Cognos Reporting Tool Overview

Cognos is a new web-based reporting tool for Franklin & Marshall College’s professional staff. It is part of Project BOOST, F&M’s Enterprise Resource Planning Project that launched in 2012 to upgrade software systems managing student and academic information, human resources, finances and admission.

Cognos Reporting Tool provides a single reporting solution everyone can use to answer critical business questions as well as providing the ability to generate reports from a list of self-serve report types. All reports can be exported to multiple formats such as Excel, PDF, CSV and HTML.

How to run a report

  • Log into Cognos using the link within Inside F&M's Budget tab.
  • Click on my home and navigate to the report you want to run.
  • Click on the report to run or click on the blue arrow to run with options.
  • Select any required prompts (your report may or may not have prompts). If your report does not have any prompts, it will immediately start to run and you can skip step
  • Click on the Finish Button at the bottom of the page. The results should be displayed on your screen.

How to save your output

  • Check the check box on the left next to the report name
  • Select copy from the top right list of options
  • Click on the My Folders Tab
  • Select paste from the top right list of options


To start in My Folders folder when you log into Cognos the next time

Drop down the arrow next to the Home Icon select Set this view as Home.

When you have copied a report to My Folders you can run with the Blue arrow to the right. This will allow you to save the report and let it run in the background. It will be available for you after it has run. This allows you to go do something else and come back to cognos later to view your report.

Remember to log out of Cognos when you are finished.