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Copier/MFD Contract FAQ

Why did my department get a new copier/printer?

A new service contract was signed in December 2012 between Franklin & Marshall College and the Phillips Group.  The Multi Function Device  (MFD) agreement provides for everything except paper and staples.  Preventative Maintenance, training, parts, labor, etc., are all covered. 

With the new agreement, many of our older obsolete machines were retired and new more energy efficient MFDs were deployed. 

Where did the old copier/printer go?  What about any secure information on the copier/printer hard-drive?

The hard drives are wiped thoroughly when they are removed from Campus to safeguard sensitive data.  Phillips is contractually bound to follow the IEEE-2008 Security Standard.  

Sharp Imaging and Information Company IEEE-2600 - 2008 Hardcopy Device & System Security

Once the hard drive is clear the machine will either go back into service at another account or be recycled depending on age of each unit.

Who do I call when the copier/printer is not working?

Report any issues to Phillips at or call 1-800-538-7500.  Always contact Phillips when there are MFD issues.  If a MFD continues to have reoccurring problems there must be documentation to support the “lemon” clause in the agreement.  Not reporting issues will not help document repeat concerns.  Concerns must be reported to Phillips, not the Service Response Center, the ITS Help Desk or the MFD agreement administrator.  Directly contacting Phillips will provide the fastest means of a resolution. 

A MFD that is not operating correctly is not paying its way.  The College’s agreement with Phillips insures a rapid and thorough response to reported concerns.  Always report concerns to Phillips so your MFD will operate properly. 

Who do I call if Phillips is not helping us with our printing/copying issues?

If Phillips is not responsive or if you have any concerns regarding service please let the MFD agreement administrator know via e-mail so s/he can take appropriate action. 

Where can I download the print driver I need?  to download print drivers.

How do I order paper and staples?

Paper for your MFD can be order via Inside F&M, Budget Tab & Order Supplies Link. 

Staples can be order directly from The Phillips Group at 1-800-538-7500.