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Advanced Features

Three-Way Conference Call/Call Transfer

  • Flash the switchhook.
  • Listen for the special dial tone.
  • Dial the third-party number
  • After the third party answers, hang up to complete transfer, or depress the switchhook to conduct three-way conference call.

Automatic Ring Again (On campus 4 digit numbers only)

  • Flash the switchook.
  • Dial 11.
  • Hang up. Once the party you dialed has hung up and your line is free, you will receive a rapid ring on your phone. Pick up the handset and the party will be redialed.
  • To cancel a pending ring again - Dial 12 and hang up.

Last Number Redial

  • If you receive a no answer or a busy signal - hang up.
  • Later - Dial 189. Your last dialed number will be automatically redialed.

CALL PILOT (VOICE MAIL) - Many phones at F&M have this feature.

Call Pilot is a lot like the answering machine you might have at home. When you cannot answer your calls, Call Pilot answers them for you and plays a greeting you've prerecorded.
Most department phones and all student phones are setup so that when someone calls, after 4 rings your phone will automatically go into Call Pilot and play your greeting.
When someone leaves a message for you, it is put in your voice mailbox with the rest of your messages. When you next pick up your phone you will hear an interrupted dial tone that will alert you that you have a message. To utilize Call Pilot, you use the keys on your touch-tone telephone. Please note in the instructions that follow, every symbol such as # is a key you must press. Also, there is an instructional video in ATS.

Follow the Prompts

Call Pilot always asks you for the information it needs and tells you what keys to press. If you are having trouble, Call Pilot will usually repeat the prompt. Once you are familiar with Call Pilot, you can cut the prompts short by pressing any key.

* Help!

You can get more help almost any time by pressing this key.

# Number Sign

Remember to press # to tell Call Pilot you've finished entering a number (like your password), to stop playback, to stop recording, or to exit a function.

Set up your mailbox

  • Dial 8000. At the prompts, enter your mailbox number (student mailbox numbers are the same as the last four digits of their phone number followed by # and your pasword followed by # on the telephone keypad. Your password is initially set to your Call Pilot box number - 12 plus the last four digits of your phone number (example: extension x3900 - password is 123900).

Change your password

  • To change your password from the last 4 digits of your phone number, press 84. Your password prevents others from listening to your messages, etc.

Record a greeting

  • To record a greeting press 82.
  • Press 1 if you wish to change your external greeting (for calls coming from off campus); press 2 to change your internal greeting; or press 3 to record a temporary greeting.
  • To start recording, press 5.
  • To stop recording, press #. (To delete the recording, press 76.)
  • To hear the message you've recorded, press 2.
  • To delete a greeting after recording, press 76.
  • Press 4 to re-enter your mailbox.

Record your personal verification - (Your voice signature)

  • To record your personal verification press 89 and record your name. Your personal verification is attached to the messages you leave.

Logging in

  • Dial 8000. At the prompts, enter your mailbox number (student mailbox numbers are the same as the last four digits of their phyone number) followed by # and your password followed by # on the telephone keypad. Your pasword is initially set to your Call Pilot box number-the last four digits of your phone number.
  • To dial the Call Pilot extension - 8000 from your own phone, you don't have to enter your mailbox number. Just press #.
  • To log into Call Pilot from off campus to check messages, etc. dial: (717) 358-4423.

Logging off

  • When you're finished using Call Pilot, press 83.

Playing your messages

  • To play a message, press 2.
  • To stop the message, press #.
  • To resume play, press 2 again.
  • To skip backward within the message, press 1 - (5 sec. each time).
  • To skip forward within the message, press 3 - (5 sec. each time).
  • Once a message has been played it will be retained by the system for only 24 hours for students but for a longer period for offices.

Deleting old messages

  • Normally your mailbox is limited to four minutes of storage. You can have more in the system, but to use the enhanced features of Call Pilot like replying to messages, etc., you must delete the messages to get the volume under four minutes. Then you will be able to use the enhanced features.
  • To delete a message, press 76.
  • To restore a message you've just deleted, press 76 again.

Replying to messages

After listening to a message from someone on your system you can compose a reply:

  • Press 71.
  • Press 75 to begin recording your reply.
  • Press # to stop recording.
  • Press 2 to hear the message before sending.
  • Press 79 to send the message.

Creating messages

Instead of calling someone and waiting for Call Pilot to take your message, you can dial the Express Messaging extension - 8080 or if you are in your mailbox you can use the Compose command - 75.

  • Press 75.
  • Enter the mailbox you want to send the message to followed by #.
  • Press 5 to start recording.
  • Press # to stop recording.
  • Press 2 to hear the message before sending.
  • Press 79 to send the message.