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Parking for Conferences & Events


For detailed directions on how to reach F&M, please visit the Driving Directions page.


Visitors may park in the Williamson Field parking lot (south, adjacent to Harrisburg Pike), the Alumni Sports & Fitness Center/College Square parking lot (north, adjacent to Harrisburg Pike) or take advantage of on-street parking. Be aware of posted signs for street cleaning and permit parking. 


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  1. Admission, Wohlsen House, 637 College Ave.
  2. Alumni Sports & Fitness Center, 929 Harrisburg Pike; see Kunkel  Aquatic Center
  3. Appel Infirmary

    Asian Cultural Center, see Greek Life
  4. Baker Campus, 1300 block of Harrisburg Pike
  5. Ann & Richard Barshinger Center for Musical Arts in Hensel Hall
  6. Ann & Richard Barshinger Life Sciences & Philosophy Building
  7. Benjamin Franklin Hall: Bonchek College House (South) and Ware   College House (North)
  8. Black Cultural Center, 615 College Ave.

    Bookstore, see Distler House
  9. Brooks Tennis Center
  10. Buchanan House
  11. Business Office, 644–646 Race Ave.
  12. Career Services, 619 College Ave.
  13. Centennial Conference, HEDS Consortium,  Frederick St. entrance of Lancaster Theological Seminary
  14. Central Services
  15. Children’s Center
  16. College House Administration, 623 College Ave.
  17. College Row
  18. College Square
  19. Community Outreach House, 550–52 West James St.
  20. Diagnothian Hall
  21. Dietz-Santee Hall
  22. Distler House/Campus Bookstore
  23. Facilities Services, 415 Harrisburg Pike
  24. Harris Center
  25. Faculty, Emeriti Faculty, & Foreign Language Tutor Offices,  711 College Ave.
  26. Financial Aid, 617 College Ave.
  27. Franklin-Meyran Hall
  28. French House, 548 West James St.
  29. Gerhart House
  30. Goethean Hall
  31. Greek Life; College Theme & Off-Campus Housing;  Multicultural Affairs; 625 College Ave.
  32. Green Room Theatre

    Guest House, 445 College Ave., see Huegel Alumni House Annex
  33. Hackman Physical Sciences Laboratories
  34. Hartman Green
  35. Dr. Leon Herman Arts Center
  36. Hillel House, 645 College Ave.
  37. Huegel Alumni House
  38. Huegel Alumni House Annex, 445 College Ave.
  39. International House, 611 College Ave.
  40. James Street Apartments, 534 West James St.
  41. Joseph International Center, 701 College Ave.
  42. Lisa Bonchek Adams Auditorium in Kaufman Lecture Hall
  43. Keiper Liberal Arts
  44. Kunkel Aquatic Center, see also Alumni Sports & Fitness Center
  45. Local Economy Center, 713 College Ave.
  46. Marshall-Buchanan Hall: MBT College House
  47. Martin Library of the Sciences
  48. Mayser Physical Education Center

    Meyran Hall, see Franklin-Meyran Hall

    Multicultural Affairs, see Greek Life
  49. Murray House Residence, 560 West James St.
  50. Nevonia, the President’s House, 508 North School Ln.
  51. New Street Studio
  52. North Campus Athletic Field
  53. North Museum
  54. Old Main
  55. Other Room Theatre
  56. Philadelphia Alumni Writer’s House, 633 College Ave.
  57. Phillips Museum of Art
  58. Public Safety
  59. Roschel Performing Arts Center
  60. Schnader Hall: Schnader College House
  61. Shadek-Fackenthal Library
  62. Sponaugle-Williamson Field
  63. Stager Hall
  64. Steinman College Center
  65. Thomas Hall: MBT College House (North) and Schnader College  House (South)

    Warehouse, see Facilities Services
  66. Weis Hall: Bonchek College House (East) and Ware College House (West)

    Writers House, see Philadelphia Alumni Writers House


  • Franklin & Marshall College Parking & Motor Vehicle Regulations
  • This brochure has information about vehicle registration and parking regulations.

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