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The Faculty Center at Franklin & Marshall College focuses on faculty development and is specifically dedicated to offering pedagogical and scholarly support as well as building community through informal interaction. 


Faculty Center Resources 
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The Faculty Center offers a variety of resources for faculty, including an impressive collection of more than 120 volumes on wide variety of topics - academic advising, teaching strategies, life on the tenure-track, and advice for Department Chairs. Learn more about available resources in the Faculty Center. 

About the Faculty Center

The Faculty Center is the long awaited, and highly anticipated, culmination of a faculty-driven initiative.  Learn more about the history of our dedicated faculty space, from concept to funding to construction.  

Faculty Center​ 

News and Events 

Story 1/26/2015

Faculty Writers

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Writers House, the Faculty Center and the Writers House are co-hosting Faculty Writers, a series of catered lunch-time events that feature faculty...

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Story 10/7/2014

Make More Mistakes!

You know that feeling you get when you’ve made a mistake? Part embarrassment. Part anxiety. Part annoyance. That uneasiness when your brain says: “Ohh –that wasn’t supposed to happen.” Well, that...

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Story 10/7/2014

On What is your Classroom Centered? Students? Knowledge?...

There is accumulating evidence that all four foci are important: students, knowledge, assessment and community. Below is a description of what it means to center your classroom around each. Student...

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Story 10/7/2014

Providing Feedback to Students

Typically students get feedback from us through formal assignments at regular intervals throughout the semester: a few lengthy papers, several exams, a project. These assessments (termed summative)...

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October 25
event 10/25/2016

Conversations with...The Business Office

Faculty Center

Join us for this lunchtime conversation with Lindsey Long, Director of Budgets and Financial...

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October 26
event 10/26/2016

Writing Circle Informational Luncheon

Faculty Center

The Faculty Center is pleased to announce that our annual Writing Circle Information Luncheon will...

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October 27
event 10/27/2016

Faculty Fellow - Project Discussion

Life Sciences & Philosophy Druker Humanities Com

How can we leverage F&M’s culture of high-quality scholarship to improve inclusivity?  Research...

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October 31
event 10/31/2016

Mentoring International Students

Faculty Center

Sue Mennicke, Associate Dean for International Programs, will lead this luncheon conversation about...

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November 10
event 11/10/2016

Conversation with the Provost for Junior Faculty

Faculty Center

Junior faculty are invited to gather in the Faculty Center for a time of casual conversation with...

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