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Academic Innovation Fund

These funds are available to underwrite innovations in teaching, course development or curricular design that show promise of having a significant and positive impact on the academic environment at Franklin & Marshall College.  These grants are intended to provide for one-time expenses that will result in an immediate or enduring enrichment of the learning community at the college. 

The Academic Innovation Fund has provided funds for guest speakers and performers in classes; field trips; specialized software for classroom use; tickets for students attending concerts, theater or dance productions; faculty participation in workshops or short courses that will enhance their teaching or result in substantial change in the structure of a course. 

As funds are limited, faculty members may only submit one application per semester.  Each award is capped at $500 and increasing demand forces us to limit the size of some awards to less than the maximum amount.

The Academic Innovation Fund will not provide the following:

·      Funding for multiple iterations of an event, experience or project.

·      Expansion of normal budget lines.

·      Reimbursement of costs incurred or projected in completion of any academic degree.

·      Books or equipment (note: computer software to enhance blended learning in a course is eligible for funding)

·      Funding for scholarly research.

Individual faculty members requesting funds (not their Department Chairs) should apply using the Academic Innovation Fund Application Form.