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Below is a list of currently existing F&M resources, programs, and activities designed to enhance the professional development of the College's faculty. Please be aware that this is a partial list, and it will likely grow as time progresses. If you know of something you believe should be on this list but is not, please email Mary Ann Levine ( and we will be sure to update this list.

F&M Programs

Assessment Fellows Program: An assessment program owned and deployed by the faculty. The Fellows consult with faculty members on the design and implementation of projects to assess departmental learning outcomes. Since 2010-2011, the Assessment Fellows have also sponsored the Lunches on Learning (see below).

Central Pennsylvania Consortium: The consortium of F&M, Gettysburg, and Dickinson Colleges provides grants for a variety of activities across the three colleges, such as conferences and workshops.

Various programs that financially support faculty initiatives: Examples include the Committee on Grants, Hackman Scholar Program, Academic Innovation Fund, and the Faculty Research and Professional Development Fund.

College Library: Librarians and staff provide research, instructional and collection development services to faculty in support of their scholarship and teaching. Available resources include 500,000+ print volumes, 125 scholarly databases, thousands of print and electronic journals, the EZBorrow and Interlibrary Loan book and article lending services, and the Ask Us reference services available in person and online. Additionally, the library hosts informal discussions (Coffee and Conversation) with faculty regarding strategies for successfully engaging students in the library research process, and the occasional lecture series Faculty @ the Library.

Common Hour: F&M holds Common Hour every week, a program where guest speakers come to discuss major issues in today's world. This is similar to events at other institutions, although Common Hour is somewhat uncommon in that it encourages the entire campus community to come together, not just faculty or students.

Evolution Table: A weekly cross-disciplinary discussion group on all aspects of evolution.

Faculty Dining Room: A place where faculty can meet informally over lunch.

Innovation Zone: A technology centered space for both students and faculty. Computers, TV screens, and other technological resources come together in one central location for the entire campus to use. Also serves as the hub for ITS. ITS also sponsors many workshops on teaching innovation through technology (iPhones, iPads, clickers, etc.).

Lunches on Learning: A place and time for faculty to come together to discuss issues in learning and teaching in higher education, always with a specific focus.

New Faculty Orientation: One-year program designed to give new F&M faculty the tools they need for success at the College. The program begins with a day-long orientation for new faculty members, followed by monthly sessions focused on specific aspects of teaching and scholarship.

Office of College Grants: Helps faculty seek financial support for research and learning.

Retirement Working Group: The Provost has organized a working group to develop a program for faculty considering retirement. Initial meetings with pre-retirement and recently retired faculty members have affirmed the potential of the plan. Ideas include emeritus faculty teaching in an Alumni College, supporting Advancement, and even editing journals for particular affinity groups of alumni.

Summer Workshops: Organized by the Provost's Office to help professors develop or refine general education and interdisciplinary resources. For example, in summer 2012 on offer were opportunities to explore the pedagogy of community-based learning, incorporate environmental stewarship and sustainability themes into existing courses, develop new or revise existing interdisciplinary Foundations courses, and identify ways to use the College's museum collections in a course or research project during the 2012-2013 academic year.

Symposium on the Curriculum: Held annually in late-August, the Symposium is a one-day, all faculty gathering and discussion on a topic related to F&M's curriculum.

Writing Center: A resource for students and faculty to improve their writing; provides individual tutoring for students, seminars for FPS, and can do in-class workshops.

Writing Workshop: A seminar for all interested faculty, sponsored by the Writing Center, on the teaching of writing and writing as a pedagogy for all interested faculty members.

Instructional Support through ITS

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