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Instructions for Authors

F&M Scientist is a journal devoted to the publication of scholarly accounts of alumni research and reviews of research areas by F&M alumni. The purpose of F&M Scientist is to provide a forum where alumni in the sciences can share their research and ideas with other science alumni. It is the hope of the journal founders, Provost Ann Steiner and Associate Dean Carol de Wet, that the contents of the journal will be of sufficient significance and clarity to be of interest to scientists and the educated lay public outside our community as well.

The journal will include two types of articles—research articles and review articles.

Research articles should include an Abstract and an appropriate introductory review of the background necessary to understand the research being described. The description of research should not contain an Experimental section (Materials and Methods), but may include a Results section, where appropriate. The Discussion section (titled Our Work in the Example article) should be the most significant part of the article. Tables should be used only where necessary to convey the significance of the work. Equations, schemes, figures and images may be used as necessary. References should be limited to those the author feels are necessary for appropriate attribution of ideas and methods. Authors are encouraged to provide several reviews or other key articles in a Bibliography that the interested reader might pursue.

Review articles will cover an area of research of interest to the author and need not describe the author's own contributions. This type of article should contain an introduction and the review.

All articles should include a short biographical sketch (see Example Article) of the author, a picture, if available, and a short comment about the influence of the author’s F&M education on his or her career.


The article must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document to the editor, . Authors may use margins, fonts and reference styles of their choice, but for ease of review, please use 12-point fonts and 1.5-line spacing. The use of headings is encouraged in the style used in the Example article. Figures must have a resolution of 300 dpi. In addition to including the images in the manuscript, please send all images separately as jpeg or tiff files.

Review of Submissions

Articles will be reviewed by the editor and one or two other readers familiar with the subject material. Edited and composed articles will be submitted to the author for review before publication.

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