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Class Agents

Volunteer for the F&M Fund

Class Agents serve Franklin & Marshall and their class by completing these very important tasks:

  • Making a gift to the F&M Fund each year at the beginning of the fiscal year
  • Asking classmates to join them in participating in the F&M Fund
  • Thanking classmates for their support of the College

Alumni class agent volunteers serve as a liaison between the F&M Fund Staff and their classmates. Class Agents are asked to complete a minimum of 10 calls each semester to gather gifts and pledges from classmates. They can also assist the F&M Fund by taking on additional responsibilities such as: thanking classmates for gifts, reviewing/drafting letters and emails, providing contact information updates, pledge reminder and end of year calls, etc. Class Agents do most of their work in the months of October, February and June through phone, mail, e-mail and Facebook contacts. Agents are asked to serve for a full fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) and can continue beyond that and into Reunion years if desired. 

If you are interested in serving F&M in this way, please contact , Director of Annual Giving, at 717-358-4757.