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Dip Dialers

Our Mission

The mission of the Franklin & Marshall College Dip Dialers is to efficiently and effectively raise funds for the benefit of F&M and its students, improve communication, maintain connections for F&M and increase engagement between F&M and F&M alumni, parents and friends. 

What Dip Dialers have to say:

"Working as a Dip Dialer has really taught me the importance of giving back to your alma mater. It's really great to know that I am helping to increase the value of our diploma."  
Jose Perez '14

"I love working at Dip Dialers because there is never a dull moment! You hear the most inspiring, incredible stories from alums who have walked in your shoes. I have gotten some of my best college advice from these grads, and helping the school while I'm at it makes it that much better! Being a Dip Dialer at F&M means a lot mroe to me than a boring desk job, because I am able to connect on so many levels with dear old F&M."
- Sammi Greenberg '14

"Working at Dip Dialers has given me the opportunity to hear about alumni's past experiences at F&M. It's extremely cool to talk to someone who had the same professor as you, but thirty years ago! It has given me the chance to compare my current F&M experience to their past; you'd be surprised how much we can relate to each other." 
- Melanie Harris '13

Top 4 Reasons to be a Dip Dialer:

  1. Getting to talk with interesting Alumni
  2. Helping F&M by raising money that will make a huge difference for all students
  3. Building your resume with great skills
  4. Best paying job on campus

Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at (717)-358-5875 for more information.