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Dip Dialers

Our Mission

The mission of the Franklin & Marshall College Dip Dialers is to efficiently and effectively raise funds for the benefit of F&M and its students, improve communication, maintain connections for F&M and increase engagement between F&M and F&M alumni, parents and friends. 

What Dip Dialers have to say:

I love being a Dip Dialer because I get to share experiences, advice and current happens with alumni. They are always so amazed and thrilled at all of the opportunities F&M offers such as the Office of Student and Post Graduate Development and Common Hour. Through the alumni, I have learned so much about F&M's history as well as built relationships that could lead to potential job opportunities.

-Alaina Sforza ‘15

If you wanna work on campus, you either choose a job that you can spend your time doing homework or a job that you can learn a lot from. The funny thing is as a Dip Dialer you can do both. You learn to make small talk, build rapport, be convincing and close the deal. These skills are extremely important if you are interested in entrepreneurship, fund raising and sales. In fact, it is pretty hard to think of a job where you don't need any one of these skills. However, you can do your homework, too, on slow days.

Also, no other jobs on campus offers you the same opportunity for networking... You get to talk to people of different career paths. It's a great way for undecided-major students to explore their options. For ones who know what they want to do, you get to talk to people in your field, too. I got to talk with several bankers and connected with 2 outside of work.

-Viet Anh Tong ‘16

Working as a Dip Dialer has really taught me the importance of giving back to your alma mater. It's really great to know that I am helping to increase the value of our diploma.

- Jose Perez '14

I love working at Dip Dialers because there is never a dull moment! You hear the most inspiring, incredible stories from alums who have walked in your shoes. I have gotten some of my best college advice from these grads, and helping the school while I'm at it makes it that much better! Being a Dip Dialer at F&M means a lot mroe to me than a boring desk job, because I am able to connect on so many levels with dear old F&M.

- Sammi Greenberg '14

Top 4 Reasons to be a Dip Dialer:

  1. Getting to talk with interesting Alumni
  2. Helping F&M by raising money that will make a huge difference for all students
  3. Building your resume with great skills
  4. Best paying job on campus

Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at (717)-358-5875 for more information.