The Franklin & Marshall College Poll

The January 2016 Franklin & Marshall College Poll of Pennsylvania registered voters shows increasing dissatisfaction with the direction of the state and with the state’s politicians. Two in three (67%) registered voters believe the state is “on the wrong track,” up from 62% in October, and two in five (38%) say that government and politicians are the biggest problems facing the state. Four in five (82%) voters believe that state government needs reformed. These sentiments are continuing to affect Governor Wolf’s job performance ratings; 33% of registered voters believe he is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as governor, which is down from 36% in October and 39% in August. The January Poll shows that more registered voters continue to hold the state legislature (52%) than the governor (32%) responsible for the state’s late budget.

View the latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll (PDF):

January 18 - 23, 2016 - Franklin & Marshall College Poll


The Franklin & Marshall College Poll is produced in conjunction with the Philadelphia Daily News, WGAL-TV (South Central PA), Pittsburgh Tribune Review, WTAETV (Pittsburgh), WPVITV6/ABC (Philadelphia), Times-Shamrock Newspapers, Harrisburg PatriotNews, and Lancaster Newspapers. This survey may used in whole or in part, but must contain the reference that it was conducted at Franklin & Marshall College.


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