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ETA Statement of Grant Purpose




What this should include:


Use a double title to convey the most compact information. For example—Lost in Translation: English Teaching and Joke Telling in Taiwan.

General Theme

Why do you want to teach? Why do you want to teach English? Why do you want to teach English in this country?

Specific Goals

What do you hope to bring to your students? What previous experiences, courses, or training will help you do this? What do you hope to learn from your students and your supervising faculty? What do you hope to learn about the language and culture of your host country? What is your philosophy of language teaching and learning?

Teaching Methods

How will you engage your students and make language learning something they enjoy and give great energy towards? What hobbies or interests can you incorporate into your lessons to make them more proficient speakers of English? How can you learn about their culture while teaching them about your own? What would a great sample lesson look like for the age group you will be teaching?

Free Time

What do you plan to do in your free time to learn more about the host community and culture? **Include this only if the country you are applying to requests it in the Fulbright materials (see the country info).


What kinds of material/realia (a good word: look it up) will you bring with you to help you enliven your teaching? Songbooks? Poetry? A musical instrument? Art materials? Etc.

Community Engagement

How do you plan to become part of the local community beyond your teaching? Volunteer activity? Participation in organizations? Exercise of your hobbies with local people?

Your Trajectory

What is your career goal? Does it relate to teaching or education? How does your goal relate to this proposal for teaching?

Remember Joe Schall and his fabulously helpful website!!!