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Research/Academic Statement of Grant Purpose





What this should include:


Use a double title to convey the most compact information. For example—Icelandic Igloos: Inuit Architecture Below the Arctic Circle.

General Theme

What are you going to study/examine/explore? Put this in the form of one question.

Specific Goals

What is the key question you will try to answer in the course of your research? What are the major things you hope to learn by the completion of the final project? What is the disciplinary lens you are using for your research (which field)? Use a series of sub-questions here if needed.

Research Site

Where will you execute your work? (At a university? At schools? In certain communities? Rural locations?) Who will be involved in your research? (What people are you working with? Interviewing? Engaging with?)


Why is this project worthwhile? What will you learn? Why is this theme important at this time for this country or in general? How does this relate to your areas of interest or background? How will it contribute to your academic or professional training? What is the importance of the organization you will work with or the skill you will study? What practical application does the project have? It is not necessary to answer all of these questions, but you should be able to explain the worth of your project on several levels.


How will you do what you propose to do? Will you attend meetings, observe experts, organize an event, collect oral histories of specific people, interview a larger sample, document in film? What are the steps you intend to follow?


How will your project play out over 9-10 months? What will you do when, where, and why?


Do you need special materials, books, photocopies, or anything else?

Community Engagement

How do you plan to become part of the local community beyond your project? Volunteer activity? Participation in organizations? Exercise of your hobbies with local people?

Final Product(s)

What will you have to show for this project at the end? A paper? Portfolio? A dance? A report for the community? Any benefit to the community?

Have you taken a look at the Fulbright essay examples on Joe Schall's website?