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Film and Media Studies

Movies involve every mode of expression, from movement to music, from narrative to news. No medium is better suited to the study of communication and self-expression. Movies are also a fascinating window into recent and contemporary cultures, revealing things about those cultures, from their “common knowledge” to their secret desires, attitudes, beliefs, and values.

The Film & Media Studies program at F&M opens these avenues of research to students across the curriculum. The program offers courses in motion picture history, criticism, theory, and production. Film & Media Studies can be a major, a minor, half of a joint major with another program, or part of a self-designed interdisciplinary Special Studies major.

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Welcome to the Spring 2014 season!

Documentary Film Screening: War DanceInocente
FEB 19th, 6:30pm
Adams Auditorium

Common Hour -              Reel Life: Lessons from the World of Documentary Filmmaking                    
w/ Sean & Andrea Fine     
FEB 20th, 11:30am 
Mayser Gymnasium

New Directors/
New Films Festival
Student Trip

MARCH 28th - 30th
New York City, NY