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Courses Offered
Film and Media Studies


162. Motion Picture Production I. (A) Every Semester

This course teaches video production basics through a series of short creative exercises in videography, location lighting, sound recording, non-linear editing, and video effects. This course is designed as a pre-requisite for upper-level video production workshops (e.g., 362, 364). Same as ART 162. Eitzen

165. Introduction to Film and Media Studies. (A) Every Fall

An introduction to the way movies are put together, to basic critical terms and concepts used in the study of movies, videos and television and to the complex roles that cinema and television play in society — as art, business, entertainment and a medium of information and ideology. Bak

213. Black American Film. (S) Spring 2014

An introduction to film studies using black film as a genre of Hollywood and independent film. Covers the work of Oscar Michaux through the “blaxploitation” films of the 1970s and beyond. Explores films as social commentary in their particular historical contexts. Particular attention is given to screen analysis of segregation, sexuality, class differences and more. Same as AFS/AMS/ WGS 213. Willard

245. The History of Photography: The First 100 Years. (A) Spring 2014

An examination of the first 100 years of the medium from its invention to the documentary photography produced under the Farm Security Administration in the late 1930s. Emphasis will be placed on the relationship of photography to the arts of painting and literature, as well as on contextualizing photographs as documents of scientific investigation, ethnographic research, social history and personal expression. Prerequisite: Strongly recommended that students have had at least one art history course. Same as ART 245. Kent

267. Film History. (A) Every Spring

An introduction to doing history with movies. Treats movies from the 1890s to the 1960s. Provides an overview of the evolution of popular movies and of influential artistic and rhetorical counter- currents, including national film movements, experimental cinema and documentary. Same as ART 267. Moss

318. Media and Public Opinion. (S) Fall 2014

Examines the interrelationship between the mass media (including print, broadcast and new media), public opinion and American politics, giving particular attention to ways in which the media and public opinion both help influence and are influenced by the political process. (Previously GOV 214) Prerequisite: GOV 100. Same as GOV 318. Medvic

362. Narrative Video Workshop. (A) Every Spring

An intensive workshop in visual storytelling. Students work in teams to develop, shoot and edit short narratives. This course requires an unusual amount of outside-of-class work. Prerequisite: TDF 162, “Fundamentals of Motion Picture Production.” Same as ART 362. Moss

363. Film Theory Seminar. (A) Every Spring

Advanced seminar devoted to applying classical and contemporary film theory to particular problems and movies. Topic varies from term to term. Same as ART 363. Eitzen

364. Documentary Video Workshop. (A) Spring 2014

An intensive video production workshop, focusing on documentary as a means of community building and grass-roots activism. Students work in small groups to produce short documentaries, frequently with a community partner. The topic or focus of the course varies from term to term. Students may take this course twice. Prerequisite: TDF 162, “Fundamentals of Motion Picture Production.” Same as ART 364. Eitzen

470. Thesis Project in Film & Media Studies. (A) 2013 – 2014

This one-credit course must be spread over two semesters, usually in the senior year. Students plan a thesis project in one semester and execute it in a following semester. The project may be a production or research project. Students may work individually or in groups. Students meet bi- weekly, for discussion of works in progress. Prerequisites: TDF 162, TDF 165, and permission. Eitzen, Moss

490. Independent Study. Every Semester

Independent study directed by the Theatre, Dance and Film staff. Permission of chairperson.


Acting Musical Theatre.
Studies in Musical Theatre.
Acting for the Camera.
Artisanal Cinema.
Documentary History and Theory.
The Films of Clint Eastwood.
Imag(in)ing Nature. Information/Vision/Design.
Film Noir.