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Congratulations on your admission to Franklin & Marshall College!  

As part of A Closer Look, the Office of Financial Aid offers admitted families the opportunity for a brief 20 minute meeting with a member of our Financial Aid staff during the day of A Closer Look.

How do I schedule a financial aid meeting?  You may schedule an appointment ahead of time by contacting the Office of Financial Aid by phone at 717-291-3991.  Appointment slots begin at 9:30 am through to 11:40 am and resume again from 1:00 pm through to 4:00 pm.

Do I need to schedule a financial aid meeting?  In order to accommodate the needs of all of our families on this busy day (and so that you are able to make the most of the day out on campus), please use discretion in scheduling an appointment.  Appointments are geared toward families who are seeking counseling regarding affordability, interpretation of the financial aid award letter, other information that cannot be located on our website, or where it may be difficult to communicate concerns via the telephone or email.

How long are the meetings?  These are brief appointments of 20 minutes.  If you have concerns or questions that cannot be resolved or initiated toward a later resolution in that amount of time, please feel free to call our office before or after A Closer Look to have or schedule more time for a conversation:  717-291-3991.

I just need to confirm that my financial aid file is complete or I need to submit additional information.  Should I schedule a meeting for that?  No.  If you are inquiring about the completion or receipt of information, please do not schedule a meeting on this day.  Instead, please access your student's MyAidAward online portal.  Your student received a unique Student ID and information on setting up their MyAidAward account in the first hard copy letter sent from our office.  It was mailed in response to your submission of an application for admission with your indication of intent to apply for need-based financial aid. 

If you have information to drop off with the Office of Financial Aid, simply stop by the Office of Financial Aid and submit your information with a staff member. Remember to use a labeled and sealed envelope when turning in your financial aid information.