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Calculate Estimated Need and Monthly Loan Repayment offers several secure online aid calculators that are quick and easy to use with no requirements and at no cost.  Below are direct links to the main calculators that are of interest to most Franklin & Marshall families.

Expected Family Contribution Calculator

This calculator found at calculates your family's Expected Family Contribution, or "EFC," for one year of education according to both the Federal government's formula and the private college (institutional) formula.

Loan Calculator

This loan repayment calculator found at computes an estimate of the size of your monthly loan payments and the annual salary required to manage the repayment without too much financial difficulty.

College Cost Projector

This cost projector found at uses yearly cost percentage increases in college expenses to estimate how much a college education will cost when your student enrolls.

Savings Goal Calculator

This goal planning calculator found at helps you determine how much money you must contribute each month to an interest bearing savings account in order to attain your college savings goals.