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For more information on financial aid as it applies to current students, please see the College Life Manual.

General Policy Statement

No student should fail to apply for admission to the College because of financial considerations. Two-thirds of the students at Franklin & Marshall receive some form of financial aid from a variety of public and private sources.

The College's financial aid policy reflects a desire to attract and retain a diverse student body of the highest possible promise. For those students to whom aid is offered, the College attempts to meet the full need. In most cases, the College awards several forms of financial aid, usually combining a grant with a job or a loan, or both, to meet each student's need.

Franklin & Marshall is a member of the College Board and subscribes to that organization's principles of financial aid. Almost all grants are awarded only to students who have demonstrated financial need as determined from information provided in the PROFILE form and the Free Application for Federal Assistance (FAFSA).

Franklin & Marshall believes in the self-help concept and assumes that each family will first make a reasonable sacrifice in financing its child's education before applying to the College for assistance. Every student receiving financial aid from the College is expected to work during the summer to earn funds for his or her education. In addition, all applicants must apply for any state, federal, or other awards for which they may be eligible.

View Your Financial Aid Information Online

To view your financial aid information online visit the MyAid site.